From the Sideline
Six Unsigned Seniors
Stock on the Rise (Part 2)

Just look at the latest 2018 rankings and its crystal clear the North Carolina class is deep and talented. The top 10 players have committed to Power Five Conferences with the likes like Coby White (UNC), Devon Dotson (Kansas), Jaylen Hoard (Wake Forest), Aaron Wiggins (Maryland), John Newman (Clemson), Rechon Black (UNC), Hunter Tyson (Clemson), Michael Wynn (ECU), Kris Monroe (Providence).

Now, look at the second tier and we have Nate Hinton (Houston), Immanuel Bates (NC State), Trey Wertz (Santa Clara), Ian Steere (NC State), Isaiah Bigelow (Charlotte), Adrian Delph (Appalachian State), Elijah McCadden (Georgia Southern), Jarron McAllister (Virginia Tech), Blake Preston (Liberty), and Will Dillard (Georgia Southern)

Going into the third level, players ranked 21-30, we have Jayden Gardener (ECU) Trey Murphy (Rice) and Kevin Obanor (Oral Roberts). There are still many players in the 22-50 ranking range that have raised their recruitment status. In our unsigned seniors 'Stock on the Rise' part 1 segment, we talked about 6'5 Stephen Edoka (Concord First Assembly), 6'9 Milos Stajcic (Freedom Christian), 6'6 Qon Murphy (Cannon), 6'2 Isaac Suffren (Providence Day), 6'8 KC Hankton (United Faith), and 6'5 Jamarius Burton (Independence. In part 2 of the unsigned seniors, we spoke about 6'3 MJ Armstrong (Gaston Day), 6'5 Torey James (Hickory), 6'1 Marque Maultby (Garner), 6'5 Isaiah Wilkins (Mt. Tabor), and 6'0 Chris Barnette (Ravenscroft). Today, we dive into part 3 of unsigned seniors.

6'6 Kenyon Burt (Garner)
Kenyon Burt is simply a winner. Whether it is high school or travel ball competition, Kenyon Burt has always played with a proverbial chip on his shoulder. The 6'6 workhorse will battle, compete, and give maximum effort each possession. He has proven to be a double-double blue-collar player for Garner. Last year, Burt averaged 16.6 PPG and 13.5 RPG and the and posted a similar stat line for his travel ball team. For Burt, what you see is exactly what you get. You get a high motor young man that will play to the best of his ability day in and day out.


6'1 Tripp Greene (Greensboro Day School)
You want find a more fundamentally sound basketball player in the state. He has an unbelievable feel for the game and has a tremendous basketball IQ. He has always played 'team basketball' and one of his biggest weaknesses is he is too unselfish. One thing is for certain, Tripp Greene will constantly do things that will help a team win games. He is an efficient and reliable perimeter shooter and has excellent court vision.


6'4 Ahmad Jeffries (New Garden Friends)
Ahmad Jeffries has been a walking bucket getter this season. He is leading the state in scoring averaging 32.8 PPG. In one game this season, he hit 11 3-pointers which tied a school record which he set the year before. Currently, Jeffries only carries an offer by Bluefield College, but more and more schools at both the D1 and D2 are expressing interest.




6'4 Jordan Love (Voyager Academy)
Jordan Love has length, athleticism and a matching skill set. We're talking about a very smooth and fluid wing guard that can score from all three levels, and is especially good at creating his own shot off the dribble/bounce. In addition, he is quite deceptive and has the ability to finished effectively around the rim.


6'0 Chris Martin (Liberty Heights)
Chris Martin is blessed with excellent quickness and open court speed. We have always like his court vision and passing ability. That being said, Martin is a gifted scorer at the point guard position. He has enjoyed an outstanding senior season and has been so instrumental in the team's overall success.