A player that Phenom Hoops hasn’t seen enough of but learned a lot about his game, 2021 6’5 Taihland Owens really impressed us with his blend of size and skillset on the court at the #PhenomStayPositive.  Our own, Jeff Bendel, said it best in one of his “Underrated Gems” articles.

“The appeal with a 6-foot-5 wing prospect with IQ, skill, and athleticism should be somewhat self-explanatory, yet here we are. Owens showed the ability to operate within various roles on offense while consistently defending multiple positions on the other end. He plays hard and utilizes his blend of size, strength, and athleticism to regularly overwhelm his assignment. Owens is excellent in the open floor, both as a scorer and passer, but can also dictate the action within the half-court.”

With his performance in Spartanburg, Phenom Hoops wanted to learn more about him as a player, his mindset on the court, and a little update on where his recruitment sits at.  Check out what he had to say in our latest 1-on-1 interview.

PHR: Well first off, how has this summer gone for you overall as far as basketball?

Owens: My summer kind of started off slow but now playing with the Georgia Select Stars, I’ve been feeling more confident with my game and I’ve been able to show people what I can really do.

PHR: How would you best describe your game and how you like to impact the floor with your team?

Owens: I’m a scoring guard that can help make other teammates better.  I like to impact the floor with my team with my shooting ability, passing, and aggressiveness.

PHR: Being at 6’5, really helps you impact the game in multiple ways.  How does your size help you attack and play multiple positions?

Owens: I feel like my size helps me get my shots up over smaller defenders and play any position where I’m needed, which is a great advantage with my game.  Also, my size and strength gives me the ability to finish above defenders through contact.

PHR: You hold some offers already.  What schools have all offered and who has been developing a strong relationship with you that has already offered?

Owens: I hold offers from Georgia Tech, Xavier, Iona, VCU, Appalachian State, and Elon.  Schools I’ve built a pretty good relationship with so far are Iona, Georgia Tech, and VCU.

PHR: Curious in your thoughts of the three that have been really making a strong push for you?

Owens: All have been making a strong push towards me but it all just comes down to where I feel I could fit in at and needed, including other schools.

PHR: Anything stand out about those schools individually in your eyes yet?

Owens: As of right now, not yet.

PHR: Have you been able to make any visits in the past or anything?

Owens: Not yet.

PHR: What other schools have been reaching out and expressing interest your way?

Owens: Georgia, Auburn, Clemson, Penn State, Marquette, Virginia Tech, and UAB

PHR: What have they been saying in general your way?

Owens: Just keeping in touch and seeing how I’m doing and talking about their program.