It is all about opportunities for players, especially with what has been going on over the past year or so outside of basketball. This past weekend, coming into the weekend in Rock Hill, there was one player that was going to be interesting to watch in 2022 6’5 Chase Lowe for CC Elite.  Why? He was playing in some terrific showcase games against high-major talent to start his tournament off, including Team Teague and CP3. Add that on top of playing on the Hoop State Network live-streams, it was an opportunity to showcase what college coaches have been missing against some impressive talent.

And Lowe took full advantage of the opportunity. Posting solid numbers and showcasing his playmaking ability, it is hard not to notice that Lowe is one of the more underrated prospects in how he can impact a game.  We are talking about a 6’5 sturdy point guard that has tremendous vision and feel on the court, picks his spots to effectively penetrate the lane and finish or kick out to find his teammates, and displays a great IQ; Lowe checks off boxes that college coaches are looking for.

Not only a tremendous player both on and off the court, Lowe is also a proven winner.  He does what is needed, doesn’t force anything, and simply takes what the defense gives him; Lowe can make a living in using his body to get into the lane and score but understands and brings that team-mentality first.

Lowe showed it all this weekend in Rock Hill with CC Elite and he certainly should be garnering more interest his way.  Expect him to see an uptick in his recruitment and coaches, we are letting you know now… he is one you should start putting on your list to target this summer.

What was said about Lowe:

“6’5 Chase Lowe of CC Elite 17U has shown so much improvement from the past summer. He has fully transitioned into a lead guard and showed that he could be high level at that position. Physically, he has the length accompanied by the strength and size that allows him to be a mismatch at that position. All weekend long he did a phenomenal job at not only attacking and finishing at the rim but also setting up his teammates as defenses honed in on him; he showcased his versatility on both ends of the floor. Defensively, he moves his feet well and utilizes his length to disrupt opposing offenses. If he continues to showcase his ability to play the lead guard and shows improvement in his shot from three, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him start pulling in offers. Scholarship level coaches should be all over him now before it gets too late.”