Undre LIndsay

By Jacob Senyo (Rankings Report)'

A lot of players had a good weekend but these players put on a show at Teammates Nationals.'

2023 Robert Dillingham

Robert was all as advertised and more. He got his first in-game dunk on the first day and just went ham from there, dunking in every game. Everything comes naturally for him with great instincts and ball control. His footwork is great & can change direction super quick.'

2023 Keenan Wilkins'

Keenan lit it up all weekend. He's known as an outside shooter but made a name for himself at attacking the paint this weekend. He initiated contact and got to the foul line. In the championship game, he shot a very high percentage and got buckets from all over the court. You will always hear the comparisons in the crowd to Trae Young.'

2021 Undre Lindsay'

Undre is a tough guard that is a scoring threat right when he walks on the court. The dual-sport athlete is the number one ranked quarterback in South Carolina from Gaffney High School. I expect his basketball recruitment to pick up immediately. He's A dynamic scorer and playmaker. I doubt that he scored any less than 20 points all weekend and exploded for 40 in one game.'

2024 Cameron Scott

Cameron had a huge weekend. He has length and athleticism. He's able to guard multiple positions on the court. He's so smooth with the ball that you have no idea you've been scored on until it's too late. A couple of times he caught a body with some monster dunks. Very nice touch on the ball for such a young player.'

2024 Jahseem Felton'

Jahseem is such a dynamic scoring machine. He pretty much gets to the basket whenever he wants. He's a man amongst boys most of the time in his age group. He definitely has a killer instinct. Great rebounder at his position. He knows how to create a mismatch and exploit it.'

2023 Jaylen Curry'

Jaylen is an elite skillset & added with unrivaled athleticism. He is always getting fast-break opportunities bc he's usually creating turnovers with tough defense. He has a beautiful jumper. He does a great job creating space with his ball handling. A willing passer with tons of upside.'

2023 Cole Callaway'

Cole probably had more points per dribble than anybody this weekend. Constantly moving without the ball & working to get open with screens. Reminds you of Klay Thompson with his shooting mechanics & quick release. He definitely spreads the defense & is a threat anywhere on the floor.'