Over the last calendar year, CC Elite has arguably become the top independent program in North Carolina grassroots basketball. After being extremely competitive throughout the last summer season, they took a massive step forward upon adding Chase Lowe to an already-competitive group. While most of the attention has really been focused on Lowe, Patrick Wessler, and their slew of next-level prospects, not enough folks are talking about Chase and Carson Daniel with their younger squad. Although very early, the backcourt duo is quietly shaping up to be the best sub six-foot sibling pairing since the Langley brothers. 

It’s fairly common to see siblings coexist on the same court, but there’s something to be said when they are both actually talented and capable of complementing each other. That seems to be the exact situation with these two. Although they both seem to have extremely well-rounded skillsets and operate almost interchangeably, the Daniel brothers remain adaptable to any given situation. Both guys are blindingly quick and absolute blurs in transition, but also highlight excellent abilities in the half-court. Since they both handle the ball and assume creation responsibilities, they both also understand how to effectively make an impact without the ball. Furthermore, Chase and Carson are equally as effective on defense. They each utilize a blend of quickness, positioning, and instincts to suffocate opposing ball-handlers and force turnovers. 

Since there are two, it’s easy to be enticed by their upside as potential program-altering players at the high school level. Both guys were already major impact players as freshmen, each finishing within top three of APG and SPG, in addition to top five of PPG. Beyond the raw numbers and their specific chemistry, the Daniels brothers have already begun to make their mark within the travel ball scene. After a dominant weekend at our Grassroots Tip-Off Classic, expect to continue hearing their names a lot over the foreseeable future.