2024 6'3 (NC Spartans 16U Graves) John Campbell
John Campbell was a name I was told to watch for entering this weekend. Campbell is a lengthy, silky guard who gets after it on both ends. He impressed me with his activity on the defensive end of the floor, having constant hands in passing lanes which led to a few fast-break dunks for him. Offensively, Campbell has a great pace to his game and is very capable of making the winning play every possession. Someone to keep an eye on as the weekend continues.

2025 6'3 (Underrated Athletics 15U) Christian McNeil
Christian McNeil is a good-sized guard who displayed his ability to be a versatile playmaker. He showed his athleticism specifically on the defensive end, picking up opposing defenders 94ft. He was able to make some difficult shots inside the halfcourt, offensively. McNeil was also very effective in making plays off the bounce for his teammates and displaying some nice court vision in his first game of the day.

2024 6'4 (Carolina Stars 16U) James Swindell III
James Swindell III and his brother put on quite a performance this morning in their opening game of the day. Sswindell III is a good-sized, strong bodied guard who finishes strong at the rim and plays his heart out. He has the ability to stretch the floor offensively and create off the dribble. Swindell III displayed his long-range early and was a constant menace on the defensive end of the floor.

2024 6'3 (Carolina Stars 16U) James Swindell
James Swindell and his brother have a similar play-style to eachother. Both similar in size and weight, yet the one thing about Swindell that separated himself from others was his consistent effort on both ends of the floor. A dominant force on the boards, while still being able to create plays for himself and his teammates off the bounce. Impressive performances from both Swindell and his brother Swindell III this weekend and look forward to watching these two develop!

2024 6'0 ( Team HOPE 16U) Gray Madeira
Gray Madeira was a player who caught my eye from today. A quick, decisive guard who consistently gets inside of the paint. Yet a smaller guard, he did a great job of beating his initial defender and playing off of two feet inside the paint. Madeira used his craftiness when having to finish around the rim, but he was effective operating inside the mid-range, hitting multiple difficult pull-up jumpshots. A player who might lack size, but replaces that with how hard he plays to win.