#77 6’2 2020 Robert Nastase: Clover High School (SC)

Nastase is a smooth, fundamentally sound, wing guard, that uses his strong fundamentals to have a positive impact on the outcome of the game.' He has a strong frame that he uses to fight over larger defenders for positioning and rebounds to go with his superb touch from the outside.' He’s a quiet killer, never making the loud flashy play, but always making the right one.' He should be a key contributor for his high school team next year and has a chance to be a next level prospect.

#71 6’2 2020 Darius Hough: Myrtle Beach High School (SC)

Hough is a strong explosive athlete that does a little bit of everything out there on the court, as he continues to build confidence in his jumper he can open up the possibility of being a scholarship level player.' The motor and effort is there on a consistent level, so is the natural athleticism, he’s shown some ability to knock down the perimeter jumper, but as it gets more consistent the rest of his game should open up really nicely.

#19 5’7 2022 Marc Raye: Albemarle High School (NC)

Raye is a really talented young player that checks all of the boxes in regards to being a great scorer at the high school level.' He can make just about any shot on the court with range going out to 30 Feet +.' He does a great job initiating offense for his team, as well as competing at the defensive end of the court with a high level of purpose.' Raye’s best attribute is his competitiveness, despite the fact that these are camp games and the result is “meaningless” Raye is always looking to win, which is what coaches at every level are looking for.

#22 5’8 2023 Derrick Barksdale: York Prep (SC)

Barksdale is a sweet shooting, young combo guard that has really made a name for himself among the phenom staff over the last few weeks.' He’s showcased his ability to get scorching hot from the perimeter, handle the ball as a primary option or a secondary option, and have a genuine positive impact on the outcome of a game.