BY: Shammond Williams

Christ Church 74. Landrum. 47

Landrum High School

Mason Raines (2022): a combo guard that shoots the three well. Attacked the basket aggressively, using deception to score at the basket. Penetrated the lane many times against the bigs of Christ Church, and created easy shots and scores for teammates. Finished with 23 points.

Isaiah Washington (2022): a 6’0 aggressive guard, that uses physicality on penetration. Has a nice shot from the three-point line. Hurt his ankle at the end of the first half, and didn’t play the second half, unfortunately.

Christ Church

John Butler (2021): The Florida State signee played well in a variety of ways. Scoring from all 3 levels. Scored the variety of his points from the high post against the zone. Passed the basketball well, creating open shots for his teammates. Finished the game with 17 points.

Jordan Butler (2023): a power forward who is an aggressive player and scores the basketball from all three levels. Really rebounds the ball out of space, and has an interior presence with physicality. Getting better every time he hits the floor. Finished with 21 points.