Phenom Hoop Report hosted its inaugural South Carolina Junior Phenom Camp at Lexington High School in Lexington, South Carolina. The event was a huge success as the state has seen an uptick in basketball talent over the past five years. As we have stated on numerous occasions, South Carolina is no longer just a football state. Yes, the state is producing high level talent and the Palmetto State is now becoming a recruiting hotbed for college coaches. The best thing about the SC Junior Phenom camp, it allows us to get a jump start on the state’s best talent prior to the start of their high school career. At every Phenom camp hosted by Phenom Hoop Report, we have a list of awards given at each camp. Now, let’s take a closer look at the award winners.

MVP: 5’8 2023 Arturo Overton (Hopkins, SC)

Simply put, 5’8 2023 Arturo Overton has game. He has tremendous poise, maturity, athleticism and a matching skill set. He has the ability score from all three levels, but also has the ability to create for himself and his teammates. The game came easy to Arturo and he was simply on another level on the offensive end of the court.


Mr. Playmaker: 5’0 2024 David Wine (Columbia, SC)

While David may be small in size, he played with a big, big heart; not to mention a flair for the game. We were all impressed with his amazing court vision and ability to make the correct pass time after time. Every trip down the court, David had his head up surveying the court and make his team better by his crafty passing ability.


Mr. Defense: 6’1 2024 Cameron Scott (Lexington, SC)

6’1 2024 Cameron Scott has tremendous length and athleticism and may have been the best long term prospect in the camp. He simply excelled on both ends of the court, but could as much pride in his defense as his offense, which is extremely rare in camp setting. And to take it a step further, it is not often seen with such a talented young prospect at such an early age. Go ahead, mark this young man in your SIM card.


Mr. Hustle: 5’6 2023 Timothy McGill (Gaffney, SC)

With 5’7 2023 Timothy McGill, one thing is for certain. You won’t have to teach or coach effort with him. Timothy played extremely hard on both ends of the court. He played with a big time motor and can maximum effort throughout the camp.


Mr. Station: 5’6 2023 Matty Foor (Summerville, SC)

With 5’6 2023 Matty Foor, you know exactly what you’re getting every game. There’s an old saying, “you play the way you practice.” With Matt Foor, he impressed all the coaches and scouts with his attention to detail and all out approach during our stations. Simply put, Matty practices the way he plays. He’s going to go all out and give every thing he has!