Phenom Hoops travels to Columbia, SC to cover the Savage Academy Open Run featuring some of the top players in the state. Special thanks to Christian Savage for the hospitality and putting together this terrific event. This gave us a great opportunity to see the top players go head to head. There was an abundance of quality play and every player had their moments. That being said, we want to take a closer look at some of the players that stood out. 

6’1 2022 Jay Gortman (Keenan)

If there was an MVP of the night, Jay would be the consensus winner. The uber athletic scoring point guard has the ability to make the most difficult shot look easy. He has the creative ability to break down the defender using a variety of moves off the bounce. He does a great job of changing pace and using hesitations to set up his man. Not only was Jay impressive on the offensive end, he is a good on-ball defender who has great hands. In addition, he was vocal on the defensive end, communicating in transition and helping his teammates matchup. 

6’4 2022 Korey Richardson (Oakville Prep )

Korey is really smooth and plays at his own pace. The lefty stood out for his ability to get everyone involved. He has great vision for his size. He always hits his teammates in the numbers on passes, which often times isn’t emphasized enough. Korey is able to come off ball screens and make the right reads, whether it was drive and kicks, cross court skips, or making the throwback pass. He also rebounded well and seemed to always been in the right position. 

6’2 2021 Colin Rodrigues (North Augusta)

Colin is explosive and has a high motor. He is a strong finisher off two feet who can finish above the rim and through contact. By playing off two feet, he is able to not only finish at the rim, but he’s able to come to a stop and make drop off passes to the post or kick outs to shooters. He shoots the ball well from the perimeter when he is in rhythm. 

6’4 2021 Robert McCray V (AC Flora)

Robert is super long and athletic. He finishes very well at the rim with either hand and through contact. The lefty has a great left to right cross and attacks downhill. He has a smooth game and was able to find shooters spotting up on his drives. 

6’4 2021 RJ Felton (Aiken HS)

RJ is extremely competitive and leaves it all out on the floor, even in pickup. He has a big-time motor. He excels in transition and open space where he can utilize his size, strength, and athleticism. He does a great job of using his strength to finish through contact at the end of drives. RJ rebounds extremely well. If there is a ball loose around the rim, there’s a good chance that he will end up with it.