By: Chris Sause

6’2 2022 Cardell Bailey (South Fulton Lions) – Cardell did a good job of getting to the basket in this game and finishing. What was most impressive was Cardell’s performance In the second half of this game. It was not a high scoring game by any means so Cardell putting up 8 points in the seconds half was huge for his team in this 45-47 contest. Cardell did a great job leading his team and competing. 

Jordan wooden 2020 6’4 (Team Xplosion)- Jordan is a super high-level athlete who plays with a high motor. Jordan is able to be super productive just off how hard he plays. He rebounds, defends, and finishes everything at the basket. Jordan should continue to try and improve his jump shot to open up driving lanes for himself even more to take his game to the next level. 

6’4 2020 Elan Muniz (NC Spartans)- Elan is a very long wiry wing player who shoots the ball very well. Elan has the skill set that people look for he shows the ability to dribble, pass, and shoot. I believe the next step for Elan will be to continue to add strength for his game to continue to grow and develop. 

6’4 2020 Latavian Lawerence (Carolina Wolves)- Latavian might be the best athlete I’ve seen this weekend. He rebounds the ball extremely well at or above the rim level and if he’s inside of 6-7 feet he’s going to try and put it on your head. Latavian showed the ability to step out and hit the 3-ball as well. Latavian looks like he should be a no doubt next level player.

6’4 2021 Daniel Lumbama (CC Elite)- Daniel is intriguing because he is young, athletic, and has perimeter skills. With his size and athleticism, he rebounds well and is a force on the defensive end of the floor. As Daniel continues to develop his ability to play off the bounce it will open up more opportunities for him to be even more effective. 

6’2 2021 Pharrell Davis (Carolina Wolves)- Pharrell is a player who was excellent getting to the rim in this game. He showcased a great first step off the bounce and the ability to finish with either hand around the rim. Pharrell should continue to tighten his handle in order to take another step forward. As Pharrell continues to do that he will continue to grow and become a real matchup problem for people. 

6’2 2021 Jaylen Lee (Durham Hurricanes)- Jaylen plays a very simple game and it’s very fun to watch. He communicated and plays hard on defense, finishes dump offs, rolls hard to the basket, and just makes the game simple. Jaylen is a player that a basketball purist would enjoy watching. If Jaylen can continue to grow and get taller/ stronger he can continue to raise his stock as a next level prospect.