6’2 2020 Alex Cunningham (Upward Stars)- A very big guard who did. A good job getting to the free throw line in this game. Alex is a decent athlete who used his explosiveness to get a double double in this game. Good job rebounding and finishing at the basket as well a solid overall game for the big man.

6’5 2020 Hunter Helms (Carolina Speed)- Helms showcased some really nice footwork in and around the low block area. He also showcased the ability to hit jumpers out to the 3 point line. Helms played in this game coming up with a double double and helping his team stay in a tight game.

6’1 2020 Machai Holt (CEBA)- This was a game that had to be won in an ugly fashion. It was a game where both teams struggled to score. With that being said I though Machai handled it well as a point guard he chose when to try and set up his teammates and when to put his head down and get to the bucket. He showed his ability to play a grind it out style and lead his team to victory. 

6’2 2020 Jack Kostel (Atlanta Timberwolves)-Jack has what every coach wants out of a point guard, he makes everybody on the floor with him better. Jack can shoot it, pass it, handle it, and defends extremely well. He jumped passing lanes so many times and really lead the show for this very exciting Timberwolves team. Jack is a next level guard without question in my mind and coaches should start to watch him now.

5’11 2020 Tachai Miller (Charlotte Nets)- Showcased a good handle and ability to create in the paint throughout this game. Shot the ball pretty well from the perimeter. A solid overall game with the exception of a couple times down when he had a tendency to over-dribble a bit. With that being said Tachai showcased well and proved that he is a very solid playmaker.

5’10 2020 Cincere Scott (Carolina Wolves)- Cincere is a winning plain and simple. He can do so many things so well, he started the game by hitting 3’s out to the volleyball line, then started to distribute to his teammates on several needle threading passes, defending the other teams primary ball handler. While Cincere lacks elite size he more than makes up for it with his game.