6'7 '20 BJ McLaurin (Flight 22)
There is no organization with more teams playing in Fayetteville this weekend than Flight 22.
They have an abundance of talent spread across their program, yet their 16U squad is arguably
the strongest, especially behind the play of BJ McLaurin. The 6-foot-7 forward posed constant
problems for opponents, since he's a strong athlete that can score on all three levels quite well.
McLaurin has a nice, wiry frame and knows how to use it. He shows no fear when attacking the
basket or fighting for rebounds and has no problem asserting his dominance on the hardwood.
There is still more than enough time for McLaurin to continue expanding his game, but he
already has the makings of a very talented tweener prospect.

6'9 '20 Josiah Shackelford (Hoop State Elite)
Through the first day of games at Phenom's 3G Showcase, there were numerous players who
stood out for a variety of reasons. In terms of upside, no player on display is more intriguing than
Josiah Shackelford. The 6-foot-9 big man plays incredibly hard at all times, never taking a
possession off, and pursues the ball with sheer intensity. Shackelford becomes the most athletic
player in the gym upon walking in the building, and it shows in his high-flying array of dunks
and blocked shots. He has incredible physical tools to work with, but only time will tell if
Shackelford can make that leap.

6'4 '20 Lemario Wilkerson Jr. (NC Empire)
There was a short list of players who drew more attention than Lemario Wilkerson and the aerial
display he put on throughout each contest. Blessed with a terrific frame for a guard, Wilkerson
has developed into such a talented prospect. He displays a high IQ at all times, making intelligent
reads whenever they appear and hitting teammates in stride. Wilkerson salivates in transition, as
he happily welcomes any opponent to meet him at the rim and is rarely bested in those scenarios.
Defensively, he knows how to make life difficult for opponents and frequently converted
turnovers to fast-break points. Wilkerson has already asserted himself as a really strong all-
around prospect, but he should see an uptick in his recruitment sooner than later.

6'0 '21 JaQuantae Harris (Team TIBF)
No prospect on display was more consistently impressive than JaQuantae Harris of Taking it By
Force. The combo guard has a great frame with long arms, making it easy for him to force
turnovers and lead the break. Harris finished everything at the rim, through all contact, and even
put an opponent or two on a poster. He's able to play either guard position effectively, though
he's at his best with the ball. Team TIBF plays a free-flowing style, partly because of the
opportunities Harris designs and creates on each possession. Right now, he's relatively under the
radar, but expect Harris to start drawing the attention of college coaches around the country.

6'5 '19 Ahsharri Haynesworth (Tennessee Prospects)
While height can often dictate a player's position, Ahsharri Haynesworth showed that undersized
prospects are certainly capable of dominating. The 6-foot-5 tweener forward is undeniably
productive, gobbling up one rebound after another and turning them into scoring chances.
Haynesworth is strong and very willing to throw his body around in order to help his team.
Despite the difference in size, he made it a priority to control both sides of the floor, and did just that. If Haynesworth continues to improve, he will continue posing problems for all types of

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