6’7 ’25 Julian Johnson (Upward Stars Carolinas)

Given the structure of this team, it’s easy to see the steady, yet clear progression of Johnson as a two-way big man. Regardless of setting or opponent, it seems like he improves with each viewing. He finishes well around the basket, effectively runs screening action, and rebounds his position well on both ends of the floor. Johnson also alters shots well defensively and runs the floor properly in transition. He should only continue to get better, but already possesses useful ability. 

6’8 ’26 Cody Peck (CC Elite)

Considering how far he’s come over the last few years, Peck is someone who should steadily generate more buzz amongst spectators and college coaches alike. He’s a long, mobile, athletic post prospect with a blossoming skillset and tons of upside. Peck finishes out of the post, above the rim, and can reliably space the floor from midrange or beyond the arc. He rebounds his position, protects the rim, and runs the floor properly in transition. Peck’s stock should only continue to rise over the coming years. 

5’11 ’26 Nick Arnold (Team Charlotte)

Although this roster has a slew of quality prospects, it would be difficult to ignore everything Arnold brings to the table. He’s such a smart, tough, heady floor general with excellent pace and defensive prowess. Arnold possesses quickness, sharp vision, and a tight handle, which allows him to get wherever he wants on the floor and consistently generate offense for himself and others. Defensively, he’s genuinely impressive. Arnold mirrors opposing ball-handlers, turns them, and forces turnovers with such ease. He should have a breakout high school season. 

6’7 ’26 Trey Maddox (Upward Stars)
Between his phenomenal blend of size, skill, and explosiveness, Maddox clearly has the makings of a high-level prospect. Given the way he’s shooting the ball (specifically from beyond the arc), he’s becoming a legitimate matchup problem for opponents. Maddox utilizes his ridiculous length and useful ball skills to physically overwhelm players on both ends of the floor. He plays well above the rim as a finisher, but also displays craftiness below the rim. Maddox is a willing passer, defender, and rebounder. He still has clear upside remaining, but schools would be wise to get involved sooner than later. 

6’8 ’25 Hayden Assemian (Team CP3)

Though this roster has a ton of balance, Assemian impressed through his strong, powerful, physically overwhelming interior presence. He’s an excellent finisher, both above and below the rim, with body control and the ability to play through contact. Assemian shoots the ball very well for his size, but also punishes opponents with his blend of touch, footwork, and raw strength. He blocks shots and rebounds at a consistent rate. All types of programs should already be laying groundwork with Assemian. 

6’1 ’25 JD Bowden (Team Curry)

Despite some ups and downs as a group, it was easy to see everything Bowden did in this showing. He’s a smart, unselfish lead guard who gets to the rim with incredible ease–where he’s able to finish or make the appropriate pass to an open teammate. That being said, Bowden also hit jumpers from midrange and beyond the arc. He’s a reliable defender with quickness and toughness. Bowden is very fast with the ball in his hands and naturally causes problems when attacking in transition. 

6’7 ’26 Cole Cloer (Team CP3)

Although there were a ton of standout performers throughout the day, Cloer was arguably the most impressive across all age groups. It’s been said for quite a while, but it seems like more people are becoming receptive to the notion that he’s an elite prospect and arguably the top player in North Carolina’s Class of 2026. Cloer can literally do everything on the court and possesses no real weaknesses. He shoots the ball at a high level (both off the catch and bounce), creates for others, rebounds his position, makes defensive plays, and produces with or without the ball in his hands. Cloer should start stockpiling offers as soon as possible. 

6’6 ’24 Jeff Clark (Team Trezz)

There were a variety of notable prospects in this contest, and Clark consistently stood out on both ends of the floor. He’s a long, wiry wing/forward prospect with touch, ball skills, and two-way versatility. Clark rebounds very well for his size, defends multiple positions, and can do a healthy amount of everything on offense. He should start appealing to scholarship-level coaches over the coming months.