Carolina Dream Team
6'2 '21 Travis Cooper- The athletic forward was one of the leading forces for Dream Team to
open the morning. He scored pretty well and made plays in transition, but his value as a
rebounder was clear. Cooper has an intriguing frame and could realistically continue growing.
He shows quality feel around the basket and provides some solid ball-handling on the perimeter.

RNS Sports
6'0 '20 Donovan Gibbs- The long-armed guard prospect was one of the most intriguing players
in this game, and made an impact with or without the ball. He was among the main ball-handlers
for RNS and showcased his ability to score pretty well, especially around the basket and on
penetration opportunities. Gibbs utilized his length to alter shots and secure rebounds while
absorbing contact at a frequent rate. He'll be one to watch grow, as his upside is quite promising.
5'8 '21 Tyree Brown- The point guard has been among the main two-way leaders for this team,
able to reliable generate offense for the team and creating for others whenever possible. Brown
isn't a physically imposing prospect, but he is fairly quick and can get by opponents with relative
ease. Brown shows solid playmaking skills and decisiveness with the ball in his hands, especially
when getting downhill and putting the defense on their heels. He stole the ball numerous times
and accumulated a lot of deflections throughout this game.

Florence International
6'2 '21 Jalen Taylor- The main two-way presence for Florence International was Taylor, given
his ability to constantly affect various facets of the game. He's a wing with a strong frame and
quality length, able to effectively disrupt a lot of action on defense. Taylor was excellent in
transition throughout the course of this game, and he stepped up in a big way during the closing
minutes'scoring various times in crunch time and also knocking down free throws.
5'8 '21 Duarrion Kelly- Though small, Kelly was arguably the most consistent and reliable
player for Florence International, forcing turnovers on one end and turning them into points on
the other. The point guard was able to blow by defenders and finish through the opposition time
after time, especially in transition, where he seemingly scored every time he touched the ball. He
sees the floor pretty well and also had a huge impact down the stretch of this game. Kelly
displayed a solid IQ and understood his role on both sides of the ball.

Tri County Thunder
6'5 '21 Jashea Hart- The big man was the most physically advanced player on either team, but he
didn't force anything. Offensively, Hart is a sturdy screen-setter and rolls hard to the basket; his
sheer strength is problematic for opponents, but he's only beginning to fully understand how to
utilize it. Hart has decent instincts as a shot-blocker, but he's likely to continue improving over
the next few years, and could be worth keeping tabs on going forward.
6'6 '21 Zy'Shawn Appling- Like Hart, this big man is only beginning to scratch the surface of
his two-way abilities, but has displayed various flashes of high-level play. Appling is really big
and plays quite hard, but it'll be interesting to see how much more he develops physically. He
has upside as a rim-protector and rebounder, yet already understands how to stand firm and alter
opponents pathways.

Chapel Hill Bulldogs
6'4 '21 Leif Gjestvang-Lucky- Though slight in frame, few players have been able to match the
combination of touch and upside that Gjestvang-Lucky possesses. Offensively, he has pretty
solid touch around the basket and from midrange, especially given time and space. He has upside
as a two-way post presence, but Gjestvang-Lucky showed solid instincts and feel on the interior.
His length was useful in altering shots, accumulating rebounds, and finishing strong at the
basket. Gjestvang-Lucky isn't physically imposing, but he shows a firm understanding for his
play style.
6'2 '20 Jakari Thompson- The athletic guard prospect came ready to compete today, and it was
evident on both sides of the ball. Offensively, he barreled down opponents en route to the rim
and typically finished his opportunities around the basket. Thompson possesses a nice frame for
a guard and welcomes physical play. There weren't many players in this contest who affected
more facets of the game than Thompson, especially considering how much he handled the ball
and scored at the basket.

5'11 '20 Kyler Bowden- The lead guard prospect was pretty solid from start to finish, making
plays for others, hitting shots from all over the floor, and causing havoc on defense. He's pretty
quick off the bounce, able to effectively beat opponents off the dribble and make plays around
the paint. Bowden isn't flashy and would simply prefer to do things the fundamental way; he has
solid instincts on defense and always appears ready to take a charge.
6'1 '20 Jalen Hurd- There weren't many guys on display that played a more integral part in this
game than Hurd, who was arguably the most consistent two-way player on the floor. He didn't
need to score a ton to have an impact on this contest. Hurd ran the floor hard in transition and
filled in the gaps wherever possible. He's a solid athlete with decent IQ, but his motor and
willingness to do a variety of things is what makes him so valuable.

6'1 '20 Joey McMullin- The guard prospect is the epitome of consistency for this CEBA team,
especially in terms of overall motor. He just plays so incredibly hard at all times, yet gets it done
with intelligence and poise. McMullin scores the ball efficiently from all three levels and shows
a willingness to create opportunities for others. He's the most polished in transition, where he
has an abundance of possibilities with the ball in his hands. Defensively, McMullin brings a
hard-nosed effort to the table and can rebound quite well on both ends of the floor.
6'1 '20 Machai Holt- The stocky wing prospect was, in many ways, the glue-guy of this team,
given his ability to control the action on both ends of the floor. Holt is a really strong defender
and moves his feet exceptionally well, especially for how strong he is. He doesn't really need to
score to make an impact, but he did display the ability to get downhill and finish through contact.