Capital City Pacers
6’6 ’19 Ababacar Thiam- Though he didn’t look to score a lot, Thiam had a clear impact on this
game and possesses the most upside of anyone on this team. He’s long and active, especially on
defense, and knows how to alter shots with his length. His instincts were pretty solid, and there is
reason to believe that Thiam’s best basketball is yet to come.

Team WallDV
6’3 ’18 Davante Gathers- The unsigned senior was the best player on the floor during this
contest, scoring whenever he wanted while providing constant flashes of high-level athleticism.
Gathers added secondary ball-handling throughout and did a nice job of making plays in
6’5 ’19 Cameron McNeil- The tweener forward was probably the most polished all-around
player in this game, given his size and ability to bang down low. McNeil gives great effort at all
times, especially on the glass, where he continues to be one of Team Wall’s stronger rebounders.
He scored well inside the arc during this contest, making plays from drives and out of the high

Carolina Conquerors
5’9 ’19 Jordan Cooper- Though undersized, the guard prospect was a pretty strong contributor in
this contest. He made multiple plays off the bounce and rose to the occasion whenever the
Conquerors needed a bucket. Cooper used his quickness to get by defenders and score inside the

Team Synergy
6’2 ’20 Demar Anderson- The solid all-around guard prospect was the leading scorer in this one.
He scored well inside the arc and effectively broke down opponents off the dribble, but his
ability to draw fouls and convert free-throws was especially important today. Anderson
displayed a nice IQ and was one of the better defenders in this game.
6’4 ’20 Jeremiah Murphy- The intriguing prospect doesn’t necessarily have a position on this
squad, but he plays a lot down low, fighting on the glass and securing second-chance
opportunities throughout this contest. Murphy showed a willingness to defend, especially since
his shot wasn’t falling, and was one of the best two-way presences on the floor.

Durham Hurricanes
6’5 ’18 Vincent Brown- The long-bodied wing prospect has been a constant contributor for the
Hurricanes over these last few years and that carried over to this contest. He’s long and is willing
to expose defenses from beyond the arc, where he displays the most polish as a scorer. Brown
competes throughout and plays with a pretty strong motor on both sides of the floor.
6’1 ’19 Jevon Johnson- The combo-guard was simply phenomenal in the Hurricanes first contest
of the day, scoring whenever he desired while using his athleticism to generate buzz in the gym.
Johnson is a long, active defender who seems to get hands on a lot of passes and then
immediately looks to push the break in transition. He was a two-way problem for opponents to
deal with, especially when looking to score.

Team Disciples
6’3 ’19 Mason Taylor- The wing prospect was one of the most versatile options for Team
Disciples, on either end of the floor. He was the calming presence that the Disciples needed,
maintaining his cool demeanor and making plays on offense. Taylor didn’t force the action, yet
still scored a fair amount in this game. As well as he played, there is reason to believe that his
best basketball is still ahead.

Guilford Hawks Elite
6’4 ’18 Demyuan Mitchell- The strong-bodied forward consistently applied pressure as a scorer
throughout this contest, able to create offense for himself or work without the ball—both
resulting in a fair amount of points. Mitchell utilized his size and body to rebound and make
plays around the basket.

Charlotte Nets
6’4 ’19 Steven Ardrey- The big man has done a lot over the last year to improve his game and
now stands as one of the most reliable players for this Nets squad. Offensively, he looks to drag
opponents to the low-block, where he typically has the size advantage to clear out space and
finish opportunities in close.

NC Spartans
6’6 ’19 Cameron Caroway- The combo-forward has always been a mismatch for opponents,
given his size and true three-level scoring ability. He is capable of heating up in a hurry and
typically has the green light on offense. Caroway displays a pretty solid IQ and works for
rebounds on both ends of the floor. He’s a prospect that D2/D3 programs should be fighting
6’5 ’19 Robert Landry- The younger brother of Pearce, and it’s easy to tell, given his similarities
as a knockdown shooter. Landry has great size and is more than just a catch-and-shoot threat,
given his ability to put the ball on the floor and make plays. The wing prospect has a clearly
defined role at the next level and should be coveted, at least for his incredible shooting
efficiency, if nothing else.

Charlotte Nets
6’3 ’19 Jaylen Prioleau- The forward prospect is very versatile and plays multiple positions for
this team, including as a big man, which is where he can usually be found. He uses his stocky
frame to clear out space, but also has the necessary foot speed to defend various guards or big
men at this level. Prioleau was one of the main two-way threats for this Nets team.
6’3 ’18 Austin Hadden- The unsigned senior also applied constant pressure throughout this
contest, especially in the second half, where his scoring surge was incredibly vital to their
success. He looked to get downhill and penetrate to the basket all game long, and saw a strong
amount of success, leading all scorers and making plays nearly every time he entered the paint.