Team Loaded Curry
5'11 '20 Alex Holm- The off-guard had another strong shooting day from beyond the arc, hitting
a majority of his attempts while drawing a ton of attention from opposing defenses. He has solid
ball-handling capabilities and displays nice vision. Holm benefits from his clearly defined role
and understands how to apply non-stop pressure against opposing defenses.
6'2 '20 Destin Clark- The big-bodied guard has a natural feel for the point guard position and
really knows how to pass the ball. He's strong and understands how to effectively use his body to
clear out space on penetration opportunities. Clark is extremely crafty as a playmaker and has
special vision. He'll become an issue for opponents upon adding consistency to his jumper,
which has steadily improved over the last year.

Upward Stars Southeast
6'8 '21 Cesare Edwards- There is a lot to like with Edwards, especially as an athletic, 6-foot-8
floor spacer. He is an incredibly efficient shooter from distance and has the ability to get his shot
off against anyone. Edwards is a modern-day power forward, given his size, shooting, and
blossoming rim-protection. Honestly, it's likely that Edwards has the highest upside of anyone in
attendance; he's consistently improved over the last year, but still shows a lot of potential on
both sides of the ball.
6'1 '21 Joshua Beadle- The all-purpose guard picked up right where he left off on Friday, doing
a heavy amount of everything while looking like the most polished player on the floor. Beadle is
intelligent, skilled, and athletic, which essentially makes him the most difficult assignment for
the opposition. He shot the ball well and made terrific decisions as a playmaker, especially in
transition. There is no limit to how special Beadle could end up being, given how well he's
already established himself amongst the Class of 2021.

Palmetto City Hurricanes
5'10 '22 Julian Kiett- We usually don't have many familiar middle school faces, but Kiett was
certainly a standout when we last saw him at Jr. Phenom Camp and nothing has changed since
then. He's so intriguing and simply plays way harder than everyone else on both sides of the ball.
There are times where Kiett can play too aggressively and force himself into miscues or
turnovers. However, he will be an incredible player once he learns how to adjust his gears,
especially since he's already a terrific penetrator and passer.
5'10 '22 Ruben Gardner- Alongside Kiett in the backcourt was Gardner, a great combo-guard
with a lot of ways to hurt opponents. He possesses a physically advanced frame with quality
muscle definition, which usually allows him to effortlessly throw around opposing guards.
Gardner has a quick first step and finishes well on penetration opportunities; he is able to contain
opponents on defense and frequently forces turnovers.

Greensboro Warriors
5'11 '22 Emmanuel Elliott- There haven't been many 14U guards better than Elliott, who
demanded a ton of attention on offense throughout the day. He plays as the lead guard on this
team and handles the responsibility with maturity. Elliott typically leads by example, but he was
pretty vocal throughout the day and made plays on both ends of the floor. He led all scorers and
applied consistent pressure as a scorer, especially on opportunities that he was able to generate
5'10 '22 Jayden Wattington- The other main scorer was Wattington, who has a lot of quality
tools to use in preparation for the next level. He's still improving as a ball-handler and passer,
but showed promise throughout the day. Wattington made a huge impression as a scorer in their
mid-day contest, especially through transition play, where he attacked the opposing defense with
purpose and converted most of his chances.
6'5 '22 Daisuke Royster- The main big man for this team was Royster; he anchored the paint
defensively and altered a ton of shots at the basket. He ran the floor well and only looked to
score whenever necessary. Royster plays within himself and never has any issues forcing the
action on offense. He has plenty of upside remaining, especially considering his young age and
solid feel for the game.

Team Invasion
5'9 '21 Deanthony Butchee- The lead guard was terrific throughout this contest; he didn't really
look to score, since there were so many assist opportunities readily available. Butchee was great
in transition and showcased great leadership qualities on both ends of the floor, leading by
example while also getting vocal. He displayed a high IQ and hard-nosed approach from start to
finish, especially on defense.
6'1 '21 Phillip Williams- There is a lot to like with Williams, who is an athletic, somewhat
position-less player. He possesses a strong frame, but is likely to continue growing over the next
few years. Williams plays really hard and shows the willingness to make any hustle play
possible. His skillset is somewhat undefined, but there is sufficient time for him to develop on
offense. Williams switches across multiple positions on defense and moves his feet well in open
space. He'll be one to watch grow going forward.