4th Annual Rodney Hood Elite Camp

This past weekend I had the chance to travel down to Meridian, MS to see some of the best talent the Magnolia State has to offer. With AAU season coming to a close many of the Top Mississippi prospects like DJ Jeffries and others didn't make the trip probably due to resting, but others showed up and put on a show. This year was the 4th year annual Rodney Hood Elite Camp, which is an absolute free camp for the youth. The camp provided almost 400 kids the chance to compete and learn from some of the best the state has to offer. Big thanks to Rodney, Ricky Jr. & Nicole, and the rest of the Hood family for providing this platform for the youth. Of course Mississippi is known as more of a football state, but Mississippi as produced 16 McDonald's All Americans and over 87 players that have played/playing the NBA. This camp gave us a look at what could come.

2019 PG 5'10 Tyler Talley ( Starkville )

Talley is a pure PG. A strong lead guard who has the size that allows him to be a constant problem to opposing players on both ends of the floor. He has tons of athleticism which he shows when he feels the time is right. He plays the game the right way and always makes the correct Basketball play. With the true PG title leaving the game he holds that dying skill/feel for the PG position.

2020 6'4 CG Trey Smith ( Petal HS )

With the new era of Basketball here the combo guard is a most for every team. Smith packs the size and athleticism to be a great pick up for anyone. He attacks the basket strong and can knock down the jumper often. His defensive abilities are really intriguing as he has a long wingspan which can give other guards problems. With him being a rising junior he can only be better.

2020 6'3 Chris Lewis (Hattiesburg)

Lewis was a very bouncy guard who spent most of his time hanging on the rim. He has so much athleticism which he uses to assist all aspects of his game. With his strong build he can attack the rim strong and finish often. Defensively he's sound and always finds himself in the right place. It'll be fun to watch him play this year.

2020 6'7 Wing Derek Fountain (Holly Springs)

The big shooters are something that all colleges are looking for. He has the length and size that put him in the highly sought after category. He has a solid feel for the game and shows great promise. His ceiling is high and as he adds more confidence, reps, IQ he'll be a high level player for sure.

5'10 PG Daeshun Ruffin (Callaway HS)

Probably the best prospect in Mississippi at the moment and this goes on record without seeing everyone else. This kid is special. His feel for the game is crazy. He's always two steps ahead of the opposition. He's ultra quick and has a very vibrant style of play. He goes to the basket often with nifty finishes that seem effortless. His pull up game is one of the best I've seen all summer, and this includes being among the elites of elites. He attends Callaway High school where Malik Newman won 4 Straight Titles. Jackson has a rich history of putting out high level guards and Ruffin is no different. He played up in Vegas and dropped 33 on Each 1 teach 1. This performance included almost posterizing D Wades son. Saying someone makes everyone better is a hard statement to make, but for Ruffin it's worth vouching for. With offers already from Ole Miss, Auburn, and Southern Miss we can expect it to grow at a rapid rate once more coaches put eyes on him.

2022 6'5 SG Devin Ree (Terry)

Ree is a very interesting prospect. I saw him back in June playing in the Jr. NBA world Championships and it seems as if he has grown a couple of inches since then. He has the size and skill that make him a legit D1 prospect. He can handle the ball well for his size and has a great feel for the game. He can also shoot the cover off the ball which adds to his stock. Which level of D1 will he end up playing is to early to predict. As of right now he reminds me a lot of Stetson G Keith Matthews.

2022 6' PG Marquez Jones (Meridian HS)

Jones brings that competitive edges that every player needs in order to be good. He gets to the basket frequently and finishes at will. He is also a very good shooter from Mid range, and is capable from the 3 point line. It'll be interesting to see how he progresses in the coming months.

2022 5'10 Keiveon Hunt (Calloway HS)

SPEED and more speed is what you see with Hunt. His quick first step made it impossible for anyone to stay in front of him during 1 on 1, 3 on 3, and 5 on 5. He's very strong which makes him being super fast even more dangerous. He's a confident finisher at the rim and can lock up on D. It will be interesting to see how he is able to coexist with Ruffin in the back court.

2022 6'1 G Lebron Lewis (West Point HS)

Lewis is an intriguing prospect with nice size and athleticism. Being from Northeast Mississippi where the focus point is football, he has the potential to excel on the court. Lewis is the Nephew of Marcus Tallie a 1991 Dandy Dozen. Tallie was a 6'7 G who was a highly sought after recruit during his High school career. Lewis definitely has a lot more growing to do. Right now he excels defensively and competes every possession. With this spring being his first time playing AAU, it'll be intersting to see how he develops moving forward.

2022 6'7 SF Parker Henry

Parker was one of the most skillful players at the camp. He has a very high basketball IQ and always makes the right play. He’s a great passer and sets teammates up to finish plays. His touch around the basket is soft and he's very efficient. What stood out the most was his ability to shoot the 3 ball. He has a slim frame which he will need to add onto but with him heading only to the 9th grade that's no biggie. With his skill set Parker will definitely be a D1 player and he's only 14 meaning there are some more inches to had to the height column.

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