The Phenom Summer Showcase brought a ton of unique talent to the court, along with some intriguing teams.  One young team that really caught the attention of all our scouts was Rising Pros Training 14u, bringing new names to really watch for down the road as they continue to develop.

2027 Jagger Emerson, 2026 Nick Fowler, and 2026 Chad Graves all were names that stood out and though it is early and there is plenty of time for these young men to develop even more, they should be ones you will want to jot down for the future.

So let’s dive into more of their games.

2027 6’4 Jagger Emerson:

Rolling over to their court, Emerson quickly caught our eyes, and the more you watched him, the more you could see the potential in this young man. Already at 6’4, he is an incredibly long prospect that showcased his scoring presence, his ability to handle and create, and his ability to use his size to get downhill and attack the basket. Add on top of that his athleticism and his impact on both ends, Emerson really made a mark on our scouts all throughout the event and is definitely going to be one to watch down the road. 

2026 6’3 Nick Fowler:

Fowler was one that impacted the game in a variety of ways, whether it was scoring, showcasing his high motor, getting downhill to score, and his ability to embrace contact and get to the line. Fowler was a consistent scoring threat all throughout the event and has good size early on for his age.

2026 6’7 Chad Graves:

Another young player of theirs was Graves.  Immediately what stood out was his 6’7 frame early on.  And then you add his wingspan to his frame, Graves certainly catches your eyes immediately before even watching him play.  But then you see the flashes in his game that catch your attention, whether it is his impact in the paint on both ends, his mobility running from end to end, his ability to handle the ball, or his scoring presence down low.  Still young and developing but one to jot down and keep tabs on.