Despite the uncertainty and overall mass hysteria within the current recruiting landscape, it appears college coaches have become comfortable enough to start laying groundwork with the Class of 2024. Sure, guys like Bishop Boswell, Jordan Vick, Jahseem Felton, and various other freshmen have already collected offers, but Riley Allenspach arguably became the representative for big men within North Carolina upon receiving an offer from George Mason. While his abilities should’ve already warranted attention from Division I programs, it seems like folks are starting to warm up to the idea of him as a notable next-level target. 

For what it’s worth, the appeal should be fairly obvious for a steady, fundamental, 6-foot-10 big man with the ability to operate inside or effectively space the floor. Allenspach moves very well for his size and understands how to embrace his role on either side of the ball. He possesses solid athleticism and a sturdy frame with touch, vision, and an active two-way motor. Allenspach is a reliable shooting threat from the perimeter, and can even operate within a few dribbles or run the two-man game with relative ease. That being said, he also competes on the glass and shows an understanding of how to properly defend around the basket. Between his role with Lake Norman Christian and Team Curry, Allenspach should gradually emerge as a priority for various types of programs.