Richmond has been clicking extremely well on the recruiting trail over the last few years.  Securing a tremendous haul for the Class of 2023, the Spiders have been able to carry that into the Class of 2024 early on, as they have picked up two commitments in the last week.  2024 Jaylen Robinson was one, a forward to watch out for, while 2024 guard Bryson McGlothin was another player who announced his commitment to Richmond.

We spoke with him about his decision, what he liked about the program, and what he hopes to bring to the program in the coming years.

Phenom: What made Richmond the place for you in the end' What all went into your decision'
McGlothin: Yeah, Richmond checks all the boxes for me. On the school side, it is prestigious and that degree carries a lot of weight behind it. It is a smaller school but doesn't really feel like it. The campus is beautiful. And they have a ton of resources to help students. Basketball-wise, Coach Mooney is really good, I love his offense. I'm a versatile player and when I played with the guys, I was able to fit right in.  And he is in a stable position, having been there for 19 seasons. All of the guys there are people I want to be around and enjoy being around.  And that stuff translates to the court.

The staff is also really good, they will all push me and hold me accountable while still being there for me.  The facilities are crazy nice, every source to get better and stronger at my fingertips.

Phenom: What do you hope you can bring to the program with your game'
McGlothin: I hope to bring versatility, playing from multiple spots on the floor, knocking down shots, and getting to the rim. Defending multiple positions and winning.

Phenom: What will be your focus now with your commitment behind you'
McGlothin: Working on my body, getting stronger, keep improving my shooting, and ball handling so I can do more on the offensive end.