by: Ethan Reece

2025 Johnniyus Sharpe (Carolina Heights)
This guy’s performance in their G2 win was easily the most impressive of the day. His composed nature made it seem effortless for him, but he was displaying seriously impressive moves and feel for a freshman. He knocked down threes, created numerous opportunities for others drawing help off penetration, and just has a natural basketball body that is going to let him excel at making the game look slower around him. Expect him to make a name for himself with Team United on the EYBL this summer.

2027 Jagger Emerson (Rising Pros)
A guy that wowed everybody in our first viewing of him, Jagger’s got the mojo and natural gifts to be a studded gamechanger every time out. His athleticism, skills, and frame at 6’3 is just unfair. He stays on the constant attack, looking to slash driving lanes and get out in transition, showcasing the ability to hang in the air and make proper (sometimes extreme) adjustments to finish. Put this one down as one to remember as he moves up the GDS hierarchy.

2026 Nicholas Fowler (Rising Pros)
I saw Nick a little over a month ago playing up, and he was even more impressive today playing his age group. This is a lead guard with size, grit, and a competitive fight to battle every possession. You need a leader like him to fuel infectious energy, and he contributes in all areas while maintaining the presence to score and get his. There are other scorers and awing athletes on this one, but his contributions are invaluable towards success.

2025 Reed Kirtner (Virginia Hustle)
I’ve enjoyed following the success and development of this team, and Reed has blossomed into the lead by example role. He works so naturally into the motion offense with his quick reactivity, stable build, and unselfish nature paired with an elite passing skillset. He doesn’t have to score to impact the game, working fundamentally as a cog in the gears of the offense, but he efficiently produces looks when given opportunities without ever forcing things.

2024 Quamir Ingram (NLPB 336)
Usually the phrase “grown man amongst boys” is coined with big men, but this fits perfectly with how Quamir just attacked his last game. He simply made it look too easy finishing in traffic with arms and hands all over him. His drives were tactic and paced with jumpstops and good utilization of his body, he went off two feet with little adjustments every time, something you sadly see less of these days.

2024 Jerquarius Stanback (NLPB 336)
I’ve noted Stanback’s value multiple times this spring, but his performance is simply due more credit as he moves into junior year. His defensive value alone has been practically immeasurable, he swallows up shots and gets blocks on insane reaches that seemed impossible to get to. He easily had 10 blocks in their second game, and also showed a good progression in his mobility and comfort running outside. His handle is tighter and more willing along with a good awareness/vision to deliver passes inside.

2026 Xavion Terrell (Team Legacy)
There a lot of raw natural gifts to tap into here, but he already displays a likable game geared towards winning. He’s got a long athletic build that he uses to attack from the wing and play bigger inside, but his tendency to take care of intangibles with an unselfish nature that makes him stand out. He ran the court, rebounded and defended with an energy, and finished at a reliable consistency to trust in all settings.

2027s Brayden Smith & Gabe Diebler (NC Spartans)
These young guns are worthy of their attention from the maturity I’ve seen in their game both times out. First off, they’re being well coached and are displaying a heightened sense of motion offense for middle schoolers. Smith is a poised ball handler that can knock down the three but also sneak into the lane with cuts to finish. And Diebler plays extremely hard with a ruggedness unmatched by these younger guys while providing quality ball control and decision making with timely shots.