2026 Noah Dobyns (NC Spartans)

Potential is one of the most exciting things to look at in young prospects, and it's very difficult not to think about the clear long-term upside ahead for Noah. He has an unmatched skillset for his length at this age, really comfortable operating with the ball in his hands but has a patient tendency in using his fakes and pivots off the catch to find good shots without even using the dribble. Even in a younger frame where developing muscle will be the focus to elevate his game, he has a clear production value with sound fundamentals set up for his freshman year.

2027 Nate Jones (Strong Center)

Nate has long since been one of the top guards in his class, and lately he's expanded his game as a shooter to call in the question of which way is best to defend him. He's knocking down threes at an efficient clip, while still being an unprecedented crafty finisher who sneaks through and finds any and every angle to score acrobatically in the air. You throw in his game management as the primary ball handler getting others where they need to be and setting up the offense, you have a game where he dictates each and every play down to the finer points. Expect his transition into varsity basketball to be naturally seamless next year.

2026 Adam Horobey (NC Spartans)

Adam's been a consistent x-factor for this group, and the winning plays he brings has followed en route to a greatly impressionable season. His IQ and maturity helps bring such a polished product to the floor, and it's most clearly evident with the way this defense is constantly switching defensive schemes. He'll drop back from different presses into varying zones or man with no second guessing, directing others and thinking quick on his feet. With that and his well-rounded skillset to manage the pace of the game, expect the same type of role in the way Reagan plays this upcoming season.

2026 Toot Clay (Carolina Impact)

Toot has proven himself at the highest level, but what's always so impressive is his low maintenance high motor approach that lays the foundation for consistent production. He has elite athleticism but doesn't rely on it to make plays. He has a natural sense for what the easy plays are in the moment and has has the high flying ability to finish everything above the rim. Those same instincts show up in a big way defensively as a shot blocker, but to me it's not the big highlight plays that make his game next level, it's his calm mannerism in going to work and then moving onto the next play.