By: Ethan Reece

2023 Jahreece Lynch (NC Spartans)
You know you have a different kind of leader when he steps up and asks to handle the toughest defensive assignment on the floor full court. He’s a tenacious lead guard who isn’t limited by position, raises the bar physically, and has the playmaking ability with strength and athleticism to take over a game. He had a great game offensively, knocking down countless big shots including the gamewinner going for 32, but was even more impressive with his defensive prowess and willing motor to self sacrifice and put his body on the line for a win.

2026 Jaire Richburg (Carolina Rockets)
Jaire caught my eyes because as an incoming freshman, he has the frame of an upperclassmen. And he put it work naturally at the point, 6’4 of pure athleticism coming at you downhill with a smooth attack. He’s got a glide in his step and is swift reading and relaying his options with sharp passes ready to dump off for bigs and can finish up above guys. Typically guys with this athletic setup rely on it too much, but Jaire has a polished skillset to maximize the stellar tools he has at his disposal.

2025 Zymicah Wilkins (Carolina Heights)
Already regarded as one of the top players in his class, Zymicah has a smooth operating mindset with a clear identity to be successful. His footwork is elite and he plays with a savvy confidence making him a dangerous primary option inside that requires a high number of touches to go to work and center an offense around. He also showcased versatility on the break being able to turn rebounds into layups in a matter of seconds getting up the floor and maneuvering the traffic of smaller guys with sneaky quickness and stretched dribbles.

2025 Gavin Herrington (SWV Hustle)
Although not with his typical Hustle group, Gavin proved himself a seamless fill-in piece, and at the point nonetheless. He’s a smart, gutsy lead guard who plays the game the right way. He’s useful operating on or off the ball, is patient making reads yet quick when making the extra passes to open shots, and seems to make plays out of nothing, particularly when there’s loose balls and guys are caught in transition. He’s shown a disciplined offensive approach every time I’ve watched with chip on his shoulder and makes effective simple plays without getting unnecessarily fancy.