by: Ethan Reece

2026 Latrell Allmond (Carolina Heights)
I’ve heard the name a lot and finally got a viewing for myself, there’s no doubt he’s the real deal. Big guys that move like him just don’t come around often. He’s got an unnatural mobility and handle that when combined with his natural feel for things, allows him to casually dominate. He’s got the strength and touch inside to be a high touch workhorse, and the it-factor to step outside and operate by taking guys off the bounce. All this bodes well for him defensively as well, allowing him to stretch out and pursue blocks. The term man amongst boys is fitting, even for a rising freshman who is primed to hit the weight room soon.

2026 Quh’mareon Webb (Next Level SC)
Again and again, Webb has shown to be THAT GUY. He’s a keen adaptable shotmaker with coordination and agility to adjust in the air, find the basket with touch, and take hits getting downhill to his spots. He has the pace and ball control to dictate the majority of the action, and mindset to keep up the aggression and set the tone as a leader. He’s proven he can carry a heavy offensive burden in intense physical games, and he just keeps coming at you downhill punishing your defense drawing foul after foul to cash in and do damage from the line.

2025 Sadiq White (Elite 1)
There’s hardly a hotter name in the 2025 class for NC than White, and rightfully so. Although he has an elite skillset with an abundance of offensive weaponry to utilize, what impressed me was his manner ok the court. He’s so in control of things, finely tuned to precisely attack guys and operate with a cool demeanor. He’s super athletic and long, and simply plays his game unaffected by anything the defense throws at him. Guys like this can be scary for coaches, seemingly able to produce in high fashion and always have the switch on. This year should be no different at Myers Park as they pursue the 4A state title, no matter what role they ask him to fill.

2025 Kam McKnight (NC Spartans)
North Surry has had some big time shotmakers in the recent past with Mason Hawk, Carter Phillips, and now with Jahreece Lynch and James McCreary. To me it’s looking like McKnight is next in line with a combination of floor general and sharpshooter qualities. He can get hot and go off at any time, but is also very effective when slowing down the game to the half court and managing the looks of the offense. He’s displayed a good understanding of staying in constant motion off the ball as well as being a sharp passer to cutters. I expect him to be one to watch as a spark off the bench in valuable time for the Greyhounds this year looking to follow up their Final 4 run from last season.

2025 Alex Walker (Raleigh Raiders)
Walker deserves a huge shoutout for his performance tonight. Following the departure of big man Andrew Grimes earlier this season, what he showed (alongside Nasir Gibbs) keeping the overall team chemistry together was impressive in a tough win over a much bigger team. He’s truly a guard and can dominate as a downhill specialist, but his contributions stepping up and filling in down low played a key factor. He timed his jumps to rebound and block shots, scrapped for any ball in his vicinity, and scored in opportunistic moments to pull away down the stretch. It’s the willing adaptiveness he showed, along with the invaluable quality I think learning to play bigger is, that really made him shine tonight as a leader.

2024 Jordan Patton (Elite 1)
It’s already been noted by out scouts recently, but with the recent departures at Chambers and his consistent display of production this summer, Patton has the chance to be a breakout name in the Charlotte area this year with his newfound opportunities at Chambers. His gameday checklist will read: get things done. And he has shown to do that again and again by any means necessary with a well rounded offensive game that doesn’t favor any approach. He’s a reliable outside threat, strong controlled driver, and someone who also seems to find the right places at the right times to fill it up. Look for his name to be called out a lot this year alongside the likes of Nick Dorn and Maurio Hanson to keep Chambers a strong contender in the area.