by: Ethan Reece

2026 Mack Walters (CC Elite)

There’s a lot of reasons why Mack has exponential upside and the primary factor is in how hard he plays. You can’t coach effort and that’s something Mack is bringing a surplus of. He’s athletic with the motor and instincts to get after every pass or loose ball that comes his way, along with a sound scoring prowess that’s laying a solid foundation early in his HS career. He makes the game easy and is someone a coach will take in a second simply to push the rest of the team.

2026 Cody Peck (CC Elite)

It’s very clear that Cody is coming into his own as he’s piecing all his tools together and elevating his mindset. You won’t find a more valuable rim protector that also can be the main offensive piece you work around. His mobility and coordination has increased to service the nature of today’s game, and he’s now looking to dunk everything which will prove impossible to stop because of his insane reach. Considering how productive he was before, now seeing an increased aggression and heightened feel expect his stock to rise big time.

2023 JP Peterkin (Team Official)

To put it as simply as possible for any coaches looking for late unsigned seniors, I wouldn’t want to go up against JP. Toughness can be an overused characteristic at times but it’s almost not enough to describe how scrappy and competitive he is. He’s a pest defensively, and if you put the ball anywhere within his reach he’s going to get it. His scoring prowess is benefitted by his mindset but really you can see how much of an impact he leaves no matter what role he needs to fill at the time. Don’t regret having to go up against him next year.

2026 Caleb Palombo (NC Spartans)

Easy to tell Caleb is a coach’s son with how naturally he fills the PG role. He’s able to control so much of the action with his ability to read the defense and properly assess the right moves at full speed. Always a great feature when your point is a clear cut facilitator but he has such an established sense for making plays and finishing shots that he does a tremendous job of balancing the show between his looks and his teammates. Don’t be surprised if he flirts with the double-double line with points and assists regularly.

2025 Will James (Strong Center)

Play hard does so much for you and your team, and Will is consistent evidence of that. It’s just good basketball, to put it as plain and simple as possible. He’s a strong, physical guard that battles every possession and is willing to make plays not just for himself but for the team as a whole. His scoring prowess, rebounding efforts, and handling of defensive assignments all boast high marks in the fundamentals and hustle department. You just don’t find many guys bringing this kind of high caliber production while keeping a low maintenance profile the way Will does on an every game basis.