by: Ethan Reece

2027 Brodie Atkins (Basketpoint)

Brodie is the true definition if a catalyst. Anything you want to do offensively, he can set it up and get everyone where they need to be. He’s a crafty floor general with exceptional court vision, passing marksmanship, and a tight fluid handle to maneuver traffic. He’s at his best when he finds the defense on their heels out in the open floor but is more than capable of slowing it down and executing sets for their proper looks. You’d be hard pressed to find many PG’s ready to come in and help lead a varsity offense as freshmen come next year.

2027 Jayden Adams (Elite U)

When it comes to dynamic scorers, there’s two kinds of guys, those that grind for each bucket and those that make it look natural. Jayden is the latter, making a 28 point outing look effortless. The offense runs through him, and yet somehow he never seems to be forcing the action. He’s a gifted driver who can break his man down quickly off the bounce and supply constant relays of penetration for tough finishes. With this being my second viewing of him with great outputs, he’s tracking to be a name to know in this class.

2027 Jadon Beam (JB Pack Elite)

Although this Pack team had many guys step up and do good things, it was clear Jadon was the primary provider in the offensive department. He isn’t knocked off course from his game easily, showcasing a sound skillset with a sturdy frame and feel to get to his spots and hit shots with well-timed patience. Anytime they needed something to happen you could expect a big shot coming from Jadon finding his rhythm in the corner.

2027 Vinn Robinson (Apex Spurs)

Although he’s slightly undersized for his assigned position, he’s undoubtedly more productive and efficient with what he has to work than all the guys bigger than him. You don’t see many guys work as hard on the boards and loose balls anymore like Vinn does, and it’s that high motor hustle that sets him up in good positions for putbacks layups time and time again. He’s outworking guys and making the game as simple as possible for himself with good capitalization finishing inside at a high rate.

2026 Dennis Glenn (Crush Elite)

The question always gets asked what do you do when you run into an immovable object, the answer is that he’ll end up going through you. Dennis is built as solid as they come and he’s not shy in using his body to beat and bang inside the paint. Offensive rebounds are a given with him, it’s just about limiting how many he gets for putbacks. And he’s a reliable finisher fhat isn’t phased by contact, drawing a plethora of fouls and leaving a big stamp of impression for the lane being his domain.