2024 Davion Riddick (WAVE Bball Club)

Easily the top shooting team I was able to see this weekend, and Davion was the primary catalyst in leaving that impression. His ability and understanding of free-flowing 5-out offense was really impressive and allowed him to expose defenses for any small mistake. He’s a crafty, well-sized, shot creator that is lethal off the catch or bounce, but he also has the sense and passing to create for others when getting into the heart of the defense. Along with his balanced array of shooting teammates, he kept in motion with good ball movement and was willing to make the extra pass for the best looks, even if it meant giving up his good one.

2025 Bryson Mickey (NC Spartans)

I’ve seen Bryson play countless times over the last few years and this was easily his best performance. He really seems to be coming into his own and gaining a ton of confidence in everything he does. He has one of the ultimate green lights with the ability to heat up fast and find a rhythm but also shows assertion and comfort working off the bounce, handling ball pressure, and seeing the floor to make decisions as a playmaker that certainly elevates his game to a new level with how he can fill it up. All this is paying massive dividends in his ability to lead an offense from so many stances.

2024 Dominic Payne (NC Rim Runners)

You won’t find many other complete and polished games than Dominic, and with the improvement of his 3pt shooting, he’s answered the last thing anyone could have had the slightest question about. He’s a tremendous slasher with balance, coordination, and an unmatched strong frame in the PG category to finish, rebound and use his body to create space under pressure. He has every tool in the shed to use as he sees fit, with any number of attacking styles he may choose. Needless to say, defenders struggle to slow him down at all, much less stop him.

2023 Kyler Harris (Cap City Scrappers)

Hopefully college coaches took advantage and got to see the unsigned senior because Kyler has the makings of a late-game steal that a program could get immediate usage from. He’s a swift, athletic combo guard with scoring muscle that can’t be allowed downhill near the basket. He has a tight handle and numerous moves to create looks or get by guys. There hasn’t been a sound answer yet for stopping him, as he continues to score it in the bunches. If left 1 on 1 anywhere on the perimeter you just better have that help side ready because the first line of defense won’t hold up.

2026 Kenan Dixon (Upward Carolinas)

Consistency is a highly coveted skill and when that consistency is also brought at an elite level as with Kenan’s scoring, it enters the category of unreal. I’ve yet to see him have an off-game in over a year and double-digit viewings. He’s got a natural scoring prowess packaged with quickness, a finishing touch, and a quick trigger stroke that’s as close to automatic as they come. When you try to take one thing away he can just attack you with another, but that vary rarely happens as he’s formed his habits around getting to his spots quickly and never being out of position.

2026 Will Stevens (Carolina Riptide)

With already a high skill level reputation coming into this season, Will somehow seems to get better with each viewing and show off even more to his game. He has all the upside in the world with his length, touch around the rim off his post moves, floor stretching as a shooter, and an unforgiving shot-blocking presence. This was the best I’d seen him shoot it from 3, and if defenders start to come out on that, then he can have a field day playing with them as a fake ‘n drive finisher. The two-way monster is growing by the day, and don’t forget that these elite showings are while playing up.

2024 Taky Prosper (NC Spartans)

Found during the last game of the weekend, Taky showed off so much and set a high standard for the ceiling he will probably end up breaking through. He has the frame and muscle, ball following instincts as a rebounder and rim runner, and rare but coveted skill in scoring off the glass instead of trying to lay it over the front of the rim. All those flashes combined with his avid activity and seeming eagerness to be out there at all times are huge factors in someone coaches will absolutely want/need. Don’t be surprised if he takes off with his development tracking exponentially this summer.