by: Ethan Reece

2024 Cinjun Bridges (CC Elite)

The typical shooter nowadays, whether efficient or not, typically takes a high volume of shots. But Cinjun is one of the most patient and methodical marksman you'll find with elite shot selection. He doesn't force looks just to try and get going, and still finds positive ways to impact the game as a facilitator with good off ball instincts as a cutter. He'll work the offense to find good looks and take what the defense gives, and when his shot happens to be the best look he's practically automatic from deep.

2023 Ryan Evans (Cap City Scrappers)

No matter the position or matchup this spring, Ryan has found a multitude of ways to produce and help this Cap City team leave a lasting impression for us to note. He's got great feel with a natural scoring prowess and has shown to adaptively assess his matchup for the best attack, whether knocking down outside shots or using well timed moves inside. He's someone that I think could be a sneaky good pick up and utilized to make an impact among a bunch of lineups/schemes.

2026 Jack Seigel (CC Elite)

While he's still one of the premier sharpshooters in this class, Jack has clearly taken the next step in elevating his overall game. His aggression, comfort making plays, and overall ball control as a lead decision maker proved to be a real gamechanger. He has good positional size with all the skills to make things happen whether it's a spot up, floater, tough contested drive, you name it. Be on the lookout real soon because he's one that is really going to start to make a name for himself in this loaded class.

2026 Eli Williams (Pro One)

As the primary piece in this well-oiled machine that is Pro One Shipley, Eli has proven to be someone that can't be given any breathing room once he crosses half court. He's a straight up sniper from deep and effortlessly finds a ton of clean looks for himself due to a quick trigger and advanced understanding of off ball movement. He's efficient with his touches, dribbles with a purpose, and has the consistent smooth stroke to stay in rhythm all game long.

2026 Trey Thompson (Tennessee Impact)

While the entire roster was overwhelmingly impressive, it's clear that things start and work around Trey. He has a nice mixed skillset that uses old school postwork with modern schemes, operating as a high post decision maker that will square up and see the floor. He has the size and touch to be a force inside but also finds a lot of moments out in transition by rim running and always getting square to the rim on finishes. He's one you can naturally run everything through and know the kind of production you'll get.

2026 Max van Weerdhuizen (Carolina Impact)

Coming off a phenomenal freshman year that's laying the foundation for a big HS career, Max is someone that knows how to run a team. He has the feel, handles, and space creation to find any shot he wants with considerable ease while still being the one called upon to set up others and handle the pressure every time down the court. He has excellent change of pace with and advanced set of moves to put on display that benefits both him and others. Simply put, Max supplies enough firepower and then some to lead a team in every category by nature and make others around him better.

2026 Jamarion Patton (Carolina Charge)

The small ball big is one of my favorite positions and Jamarion plays it the only way you should, with an insanely high motor and scrappy nature. Time and again he's shown to be a ball hawk that will go after every rebound and loose ball with not hesitation towards the physical toll it may put on his body, something that's sorely lacking in the world of rebounder today. But he's also been a highly reliable finisher and someone you need in big moments because of his effort in running the floor and finding the right places at the right times.