by: Ethan Reece

2026 Ezekiel Kelly (CC Elite)
An explosive guard that played with a chip on his shoulder, Ezekiel was a big time competitor that dictated a lot of action. He was a dicy driver that featured comfort in finishing off balance, with either hand, and through defenders. He excelled at getting to his spots and used his body well to hold defenders at bay or just muscle around for pullups/floaters. Simply put, the game flowed better and more opportunities were created for his team when he was in and managing the offense.

2026 Cody Peck (CC Elite)
Before even looking at his offensive game, Cody is the total package defensively and invaluable on that side of the ball. He racked up a double double off just rebounds and blocks, using his insane reach accompanied by natural instincts. He did a good job of collecting blocks without swatting unnecessarily and showcased good mobility (even on a bad ankle) to switch our and defend screens. Offensively the key going forward will be to add strength and bulk but there’s a lot of promise to be excited about.

2026 Tyler Brown (Crown Academy)
You rarely see a big handle the ball the way Tyler can, he’s long and wiry giving him an edge in making drives and getting to the basket in giant strides. There’s so much to like with his versatility, he turns rebounds into transition opportunities with his ability to push the ball and knows how to make reads and when to give it up. He has quick feet to use in the post too, but this game was a display of his guard game taking the bigs to school on the perimeter.

2027 King Gibson (CP3)
King was the highlight of their offense making athletic drives and finishes. The young wing has the frame to excel in transition traffic with the athleticism to compete with the best of them. It was impressive how far he could take his drives, going from side to side and finishing with coordinated adjustments around the basket. Easy to anticipate exciting progression in the future with him playing fro CP3.