by: Ethan Reece

2025 Josh Yates (Carolina Riptide)
With the varying rosters you see of fill-in players week to week, Josh was a nice addition needed to pull out the win tonight for the 2024 Riptide. He calmly took over the point and was exciting too see a young guy step into a new environment teamwise and be a leader with his actions and voice. He's got a great strong build for a young guard yet to really hit the weight room hard, and used it controlling the ball and making muscle drives, got others involved consistently as well as he looked to dish getting down the baseline.

2023 Cole Perodeau (Charlotte Royals)
You know what you're getting with Cole every time out, a guy that competes and plays hard. He's a ballhawk that rebounds bigger than his size, and since first seeing him last year has made strides in the control with which he plays at. Shown a much better-balanced game taking on a heavier ball-handling role and decision-making process, as well as the ability to score off the ball and not need it in his hands at all times to impact things.

2023 Sam Walters (PSB Larkin)
Versatility is key, and what's great about Sam is not just his ability to play multiple positions but also his willingness to step up and accept varying assignments. With his 6'3 frame he plays much bigger than his size while demonstrating the skills to play a lead guard role, whether as a scorer, rebounder or defender. His strength is optimal for how he wants to play, getting downhill and putting an array of moves to work near the basket.

2023 Jayden Boyd (York County Legends)
One of the most tormenting things that makes it a long game for a coach is when someone just kills you on the boards. Jayden Boyd is that guy. He simply can't be kept off the glass with his relentless pursuit, natural awareness and instincts, along with strength and reach. He's much quicker than given credit for and is comfortable enough to drive to the basket when defenders mistakenly press up. Rebounding translates to the next level big time, and Boyd can help you control that battle on the glass.