by: Ethan Reece

2023 Berni Tah (Big Dub Green)
As the key returner from last year’s senior-laden state championship team, Berni came out and immediately showed how much his presence can be felt and needed. He’s built chiseled and sturdy, with natural athleticism and mobility to be a versatile threat in their system. He pushed the break off boards, found great cuts in traffic, and simply dominated with his toughness which represents what the last two years were about. The team impressed overall, but Berni really stood out making a statement as the leader being able to set the tone and define what they were going to bring.

2023 Nolan Dunphy (Big Dub Green)
It would be impossible to walk away from their games today and not be impressed with what Nolan did at the point. He masterfully controlled the tempo and handled the pressure, taking his time and having confidence in everything he did. While his quickness allows him to get to the basket, he primarily takes the role of the truer point guard role in supplying looks and vocally directing traffic setting things up. Paired with 2024s Jack Ellyson, Grant Hamilton, and the above-mentioned Berni Tah, look for Weddington to still establish themselves and be a tough out late this season.

2023 Abdulrahman Helwa (Combine Regional)
Improvement should always be noted, and the overall growth in composure in Abdul was quite nice to see. His feel and general awareness have heightened, and his flashes in the high-flying affair they were in against Butler proved critical. He hit numerous big shots with a smooth pull-up game, and has the length/positional size value to really impact multiple facets with a group that was really fun to watch with their energy. Look for him to be a big part of their success and intrigue as a roster for coaches to look at.

2023 Rashad McCormick (Phenom ESA)
Once again, Rashad showed signs of pure dominance with general ease and did it from various spots on the court. He has a capable outside shot, but is simply a monster attacking the rim with too much length and finishing control to stop. He hardly ever forces things and can make the most of his touches, whether getting them inside or starting his work out on the perimeter. He checks all the boxes for frame and build coaches are looking for at every event. I think he could be a hidden gem that the right coach and system could really make shine at the next level.