by: Ethan Reece

2024 AJ Parsley (Team Ville)
Although the smallest guy on the court, AJ brings a gigantic presence with his scrappy nature that more than makes up for his size. He’s a crafty ball handler that will carry the majority of the decision-making for this group composed of young and older talent. What I noticed in his game that separated him from other scorers at the helm, was the initiative to look for the best shot for the team. Multiple times he sacrificed a good shot he could’ve taken for a great shot he created for another teammate, displaying a true unselfish manner.

2023 Elijah Ford (Team Force)
You’d be hard-pressed to find someone in NC who doesn’t already know the general consensus around Central Cabarrus and their primary lineup of guards. But Elijah has been a breakout performer in my eyes this fall that is going to provide big-time value off the bench for some much-needed depth. He fits into the system, is fueled to play the press and fill his role, and is proving to be the team’s best shooter coming up with big shots in pivotal moments. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he has some big games this year taking advantage of all the attention defenses give the twins, Thompson, and Bullock.

2023 Emmanuel Black (WS Christian)
Continuing with another role player who has contributed in a big unsung way for his team, Emmanuel has been the central gear inside working around all the moving guards. He has a stout frame and plays bigger than his size, always finding ways to impact the action at the rim, whether it be blocks, controlling the glass, or following shots for second-chance looks. Nothing flashy, but his constant presence to be in the right position to quietly produce has been admirable.

2025 Beau Harvey (Medieval Knights)
Give me Beau any day of the week and I feel confident your team will benefit greatly in several areas, particularly the win column. You can’t ask for more from a young floor general, and he already has valuable experience having played for the 33-1 state championship runner-up squad last year. He provides a gritty balance of scoring, game managing, and self-sacrificing hustle that is required to elevate the play of a team. His play is a product of both high IQ and all-out work ethic on the court.

2025 Brennan Oldham (Medieval Knights)
Outside of some bigger guards, I don’t see many posts in the 1A being able to match up with the strength and athleticism Brennan brings in the paint. Not only is he enforcing his positioning and touches inside, he also brings that intensity on the other end protecting the rim with some straight-up mean blocks. He runs the floor, is fundamentally sound in making his move to finish, and should be a difference-maker nightly that you have to gameplan for.

2023 Ollie Alford (United We Stand)
Last year it was Landon King, this year it’s looking like Ollie will be the one called upon when West Charlotte needs someone to go get a bucket. Their identity in playing fast allows him to get to his comfort zone with ease going downhill where he can read the floor and make decisions to finish, dish or kick out. He keeps his options open playing at his own pace and should be the mature leader the younger guards like Traylor and Kerr can look up to while waiting to take over the helm next year.

2023 Nick Dorn (Cougars)
In the absence of Maurio Hanson, Nick stepped up to show he can be the guy this year to carry the offense. He has clear next-level appeal with his frame and shooting ability, able to find his own shots with a quick trigger and high release. But he also showed he can mix it up when the defense opens up and go off the bounce to finish at the basket. He has the supporting cast of guards around him to play the style they want, and they picked up a heard earned win today over Ardrey Kell with a balanced attack.