by: Ethan Reece

2026 Michael Jones (Elite 1)
Michael created an emphatic presence with his persistent quick and crafty ball handling. He showed he can break down and get by defenders in 1v1 scenarios but was also great in the open floor with his dynamic explosiveness. He’s more than comfortable in a high speed game getting up and down the court making the calls, and to think that he’s only a rising freshman doing this in the 17u division is crazy. Excited to see how he will develop over the years as he plays against guys his age.

2023 TJ Kolbe (Stars North)
TJ had a strong week throughout and he really showed a complete offensive game. He’s a smart lead guard who can fit into any lineup due to his threat as a spot up shooter and off ball cutter. He’s capable of finding his looks whether on or off the ball, hitting pullups or floaters off the bounce and getting out into transition to finish. He’ll continue to be effective in his senior year due to his willingness to buy into the team, polished scoring prowess and overall court awareness, and he can fill it up without ever over dribbling or forcing up shots.

2024 Javier Ortiz (NC Wildcats)
Both now and last month at our Team Camp, I’ve seen real growth in Javier’s game as well as his maturity as a player. He’s gone from a high energy spark guy that primarily impacted the defensive side of the ball to a versatile wing capable of making plays and leading a team. His skillset and feel for the game is more finely tuned, and he’s proving to be a guy that you need out on the court because of his advanced poise and competitiveness to step up on defense and disrupt things with a growing offensive game.

2023 Ryan Steger (GATA Elite)
Coaches are always looking for shooters and Ryan was arguably one of the top in attendance this week. However unorthodox his form may look, it’s more than dangerous and he showed he can get really hot fast. I’m not sure he had a game with less than 4 threes made, which also featured an 8/10 outing (7 in 1st half) and another 6 3pt game today. His team was one of the most well balanced and efficient offensively, which allowed him to demonstrate his effectiveness as a key overall piece who found opportunities within the team system.