by: Ethan Reece

2025 Dashaun McKoy (Carolina Rockets)
Dashaun plays with serious springs in his shoes, showing off legit hops with every opportunity. He was a full swat force by himself, flying in from out of nowhere for blocks. And he did it fearlessly too, going after every single one and typically coming away with clean rejections on guys who had proven they could hammer it. He’s got the length, agility, and ball seeking senses to be a chasedown scare with the ability to apply those same tools on offense and play at the rim.

2023 Qurahn Anderson (Team Intensity)
Qurahn straight man handled his opponents on his way to 30 points and a convincing opening win. He’s strong, coordinated and has the finishing touch and awareness to convert tough drives. While he’s 6’4, he really just powers his way downhill welcoming contesters or simply maneuvering around with swift moves. What’s crazy and really unheard of in today’s game, is that he didn’t attempt a single jumpshot. His opponents knew where he was going and still couldn’t stop it.

2026 Kenan Dixon (Team Hope)
I’ll go ahead and make the bold statement, Kenan is the best scorer in the NC 2026 class. No defense, no matter the setup or how much more physical and bigger they are, has been able to find anything close to an answer for him. He plays smart, keeps the game in his terms to maintain pace and style, and is just as smooth as they come. There’s a large amount of high school players that don’t posses such a complete game, Kenan is comfortable and capable with any shot and any pace, just a straight up baller.

2024 Bryson Heath (CC Elite)
Bryson has burst onto the scene in my eyes this month. Between his cat like reflexes and explosiveness to repeatedly turn the corner, it’s easy to appreciate how he operates as a lead initiator. His ball control is fluid, he sees things ahead of time and anticipates movement to push the ball up the court, navigate traffic, and make the right reads when deep in the paint. There hasn’t been someone who’s been able to cut him off or slow his progression yet, coaches should be catching a few of his games and remembering the name going forward.

2024 Dominic Payne (NC Rim Runners)
Dominic made it look too easy this afternoon, basically operating in cruise control on his way to 31 in a dominant win. It’s honestly a sight to see his finishing ability at the basket, because for his stout frame, he’s surprisingly light on his feet and nimble. It’s less power and explosion, and more body control combined with agility to configure finishing positions. He wastes no time making defenders look stuck in quicksand and is one coaches should start to monitor as one fit to lead a team.

2024 Julien Cole (NC Jayhawks)
Even as the biggest and longest guy on the roster, Julien finds a natural role carrying a heavy portion of the catalystic duties offensively. He’s got the length to impact both sides of the ball, an avid defender that doesn’t over reach, and a smart versatile piece to interchangeably operate and fill roles. His versatility is key in making a lot of things happen, and it’s not a coincidence when good things follow follow players on the court. Look forward to more action his way sooner than later.