2022 Marcus Kell from Legion Academy and Upward Stars SE is and has been showing that he can fill up the score sheet, scoring all over the court.  At times, he makes it look easy but also makes you wonder what his recruitment has been like, as more schools could and should be looking towards the 6’7 prospect. 

Right now, he holds an offer from Wingate but more schools have been reaching out about his game.  Phenom Hoops reached out to Kell to learn more about what has been going on this season for him and the latest in his recruitment.

PHR: How has it been for you this summer and so far this season? What have you been wanting to show or display more with your game?

Kell: It has been very good. I got to showcase a lot of my skills during AAU while playing for one of the top teams in the state, Upward Stars SE, and this season is going great but also, it could be better.  So far it has gone alright, we got to start winning some more but once we gel and figure out how to play with each other, we’re going to be really good.  I have been wanting to show and display more of my game with my ability to be more than just a shooter and I’ve worked really hard throughout the summer to prove that but I still got a lot of work to do.

PHR: We have seen your work on the court; a scoring machine.  But how would you best describe your game and how you like to operate on the floor?

Kell: Thanks a lot.  I would best describe my game as being an offensive threat and scoring anywhere I want, mainly from the perimeter but will take it also if my shots aren’t falling or if I need to.  I can operate on the floor by getting myself open by either using screens or just finding a way to get open and get an open shot.

PHR: How has your recruitment been going?

Kell: It’s been going well. I’m talking to Virginia Tech, College of Charleston, Ohio, Belmont-Abbey, Mars Hill, and then I have an offer from Wingate.

PHR: What has Wingate been saying, as they have offered you already?

Kell: They have just been talking to me a lot and about how much they really like me and about how I would fit in really well at their program.

PHR: What have those schools that are showing interest been saying and would you say any one is stronger than others?

Kell: They’ve just been texting me like every week or so, just talking and stuff.  Probably College of Charleston is the strongest for the D1 schools and Belmont-Abbey is probably the strongest for D2 schools.