Player: Ryan Soulis
Class: 2024
Height: 6’10
School: Asheville School

Each and every year, there are players that come into the state of North Carolina that quickly grab your intrigue and interest with their play. One of those players for us at Phenom Hoops has been 2024 6’10 Ryan Soulis at Asheville School.  The big man grabbed our attention early on to kick off the season, and he continues to impress with his play all throughout.  And it seems that college coaches are starting to notice him as well.

Here is what we recently said about Soulis’ game:

“I got a feeling that Soulis is going to be a name you start hearing a lot more about and will be catching on with college coaches. Deservingly so, as he is a 6’10 prospect that continues to consistently produce and make his impact on the court.  First and foremost, this is a big that competes; he stays active and engaged throughout the game, plays hard on the boards, and has a knack for getting his hands on the ball, he shows poise and touch with his back to the basket and in the post, and he also is able to make plays on the defensive end.  Soulis is one that continues to rise in my books and think he has a chance to be a player many more schools will like.”

And since then, he has added his first Division 1 offer and more schools are expressing interest his way.  We caught up with the big man to learn about the latest in his recruitment. Here is what he had to say.

Phenom: How has it been going your way so far this year?
Soulis: It has been going phenomenally. Colleges have been hitting me up, got my first offer, just had a good visit, and have some other good ones planned out in the near future as well, just beat Christ School at home, and the team has been doing great lately.

Phenom: How has it been at Asheville this year? How has it helped develop your game?
Soulis: It’s been nothing but great here. The school is a great place, and Coach Whitmore and the assistant coaches are unbelievable. It truly is the best spot for me. I feel like since the start of the season my 3pt shot has improved a lot, and I’m really excited to see how much better it will get with more work with the coaches I have. My defense has improved drastically around the rim and along the perimeter as well. The system we play has let me impact the game as a skilled big by looking for my guys on offense and having the freedom to play. I’ve also improved a lot physically and athletically, the strength and conditioning are great.

Phenom: How was it to get that first offer from Stony Brook? What did the staff have to say when they did?
Soulis: I was getting goosebumps during the call, it was a huge accomplishment for me and it was nothing but motivation to keep going honestly. The coach just expressed how excited they are about my potential as a well-rounded player and how I fit their play style as a skilled big.

Phenom: How was your visit to UNCG?
Soulis: It was great, I got to watch their game against Furman, a tough game for them. Got to meet all the coaches, and went down to the locker room to say what was up to some of their players.

Phenom: Who else has been reaching out your way and showing interest?
Soulis: Recently, I’ve had Charlotte, ETSU, UC Irvine, Boise State, Furman, and LIU reach out. Some notable schools that have shown interest are Wake Forest, Northwestern, Rhode Island, Seton Hall, Chattanooga, and South Carolina. I’m supposed to visit Furman this weekend, and Charlotte and South Carolina in the near future.