2022 BJ Edwards from Knoxville, Tennessee is ranked as one of the top point guards in the country and has been a target for many schools around the country. Back in December, the 6’3 guard announced his Top 6 schools and it seems that a few of those schools are continuing to make a strong push.

We caught up with Edwards about the latest, his thoughts on the upcoming travel ball season with BMaze Elite, how he got a confidence boost at his latest tournaments, and has anything changed with his recruitment. Phenom Hoops goes 1-on-1 with 2022 6’3 BJ Edwards.

Phenom: How did this season go for you and how are you looking to take your success and move it into this summer?
Edwards: The season went very well for me overall. I got better with everything and made my teammates around me better as well and by that, I’m just taking the same mindset into AAU as well.

Phenom: What are you looking to show more of this travel ball season and what areas are you looking to elevate your game in?
Edwards: What I’m looking to show this season is my ability to play off the ball and of course, I’m still the point guard but to just show how I am with other guards around me and how I can play off them. What I want to elevate is my pick and roll game and 3-point shot.

Phenom: What’s your excitement playing with BMaze again this year and the talent around you?
Edwards: I’m very excited about this year not only because it’s my last but just to be playing with these guys for almost four years now. It has been very fun, never a dull moment, and we are just focusing on winning that AAU championship.

Phenom: You had a terrific start to the season with them, including a game winner.  You mentioned that it was a huge confidence boost.  How did it give you a confidence boost and how can you build off that this summer?
Edwards: That weekend was really fun and confidence is really something everyone needs. You can’t play without confidence; it’s something that keeps you going and wanting more and more.  So last weekend really set the tone of how this AAU season will go for me.

Phenom: How has your recruitment been going overall for you? Has there been anything you have been focusing on with it?
Edwards? Recruitment is going great. I am building good relationships with all the coaches and I’ve just had to make a small adjustment with Tennessee because Coach Oliver and English, we communicated a lot. With them leaving to go coach somewhere else, it really hasn’t changed anything about Tennessee for me; I’m already communicating with the new assistant and Coach Lentz.

Phenom: You announced back in December your Top 6, which included Florida, Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia Tech.  Has anything changed with that and what have those schools been saying your way?
Edwards: Nothing has changed.  Schools that I feel are most interested are Tennessee, wake Forest, and Virginia tech.

Phenom: What has been their main messages to you in how you can fit into their system?
Edwards: The main message is that I can come in and play the 1 or 2 now because most teams are having two point guards on the court at the same time.

Phenom: Have any of those schools been making a strong push for you over the others in your eyes?
Edwards: I feel like Tennessee, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, and Vanderbilt have been making the strongest push.

Phenom: Have there been any schools outside your Top 6 that have been making a strong push and could they or have they entered the race?
Edwards: No other schools have made a push or entered the race.

Phenom: When do you think you will be looking to announce your commitment?
Edwards: I will want to announce my commitment in September or October, after AAU season.

Phenom: What are some of the key factors that will ultimately help decide your place?
Edwards: Key factors that I’m looking at are a coaching staff that stays on me and tells the truth, teammates that are going to push me to be the best, and just a great relationship with whoever is recruiting me.