Phenom Hoops continues to discuss the latest with recruits around the country, as they provide us the latest on what has been going on with them and their recruitment.

In our next recruit 1-on-1, we talked with 2022 6’8 Chauncey Wiggins from Eastside high school.  Wiggins has been battling an injury recently that has kept him sidelined but he expects to be back and ready to show why he is one of the top prospects in the country.

Check out the latest.

PHR: How has everything been going for you this season?

Wiggins: “The season was going well until I got hurt.  I had a stress fracture in my foot but before that, my team and I were doing well.”

PHR: How has your recovery been going? How much longer will you potentially be out?

Wiggins: “Wearing a boot and staying off of it.  Probably one more month.”

PHR: We hope that you come back fully healthy.  How have schools been reaching out to you and talking to you about?

Wiggins: “Thank you and I go to some of their games and I talk to them over the phone.”

PHR: What programs and schools have you been visiting lately?

Wiggins: “Georgia, Auburn, and Georgia Tech.”

PHR: How did all those visits go for you?  What all did you get to see or talk about with the staff there?

Wiggins: “The visits went well.  I saw how hard the teams play.  I talked to the staff about the game and the commitment to college.”

PHR: Anything stand out to you on those visits?

Wiggins: “The crowd and type of play style.”

PHR: What schools do you hold an offer from currently?

Wiggins: “Georgia, Georgia Tech, Auburn, Kennesaw State, Iowa State, Clemson, and Vanderbilt.”

PHR: What have they been saying they like about your style and how would you best describe your game as well?

Wiggins: “(They want me to play) the four, because I play inside and outside.  Possibly the 3.  I Can shoot the ball, I can post up with my back to the basket, as well as bring the ball up.”

PHR: Do any schools stand out in your eyes right now? Any schools seem to be stronger than others as far as recruiting you?

Wiggins: “Auburn, Clemson, and Georgia”

PHR: What makes those three stand out right now in your eyes?

Wiggins: “Georgia – how they drive and kick a lot, then knockdown the shot.  Auburn – they play at the pace that they want and they don’t let anyone speed them up; they knockdown their shots.  Clemson – how hard they play; they defend well and they make sure they execute every play.”

PHR: Have anything planned as far as visits?

Wiggins: “Going to Maryland on February 29”