Jarvis Moss

2021 Jarvis Moss continues his rise in the state of North Carolina, playing for one of the premier programs in the state at Cannon. Loaded with talent around, Moss is really starting to carve a name for himself with his play as he has shown to be a consistent scorer and threat from all around.

Phenom Hoops recently got in touch with Moss to see how his season has gone and what has been the latest with his recruitment, as he becomes the latest Phenom Hoops’ Recruit 1-on-1.

PHR: How has the season been going for you in your mind? What have you been wanting to show and work on?

Moss: “This season has been an excellent journey so far.  Every day, we look forward to having practice to compete with each other and have the drive to want to get better every day.  We play a nationally schedule, so we do this so it becomes natural when it’s game time.  This season I have been wanting to show that I am a better shooter than I have been int eh past and I especially want to showcase that I am more than just a shooter.  In order for me to play at the next level, my team needs me to do more.  This season, I want to work on becoming a true leader to the point where it becomes contagious, where it is rubbing off on my teammates and they want to lead from the front as well as I.”

PHR: How have you been working on your shooting?

Moss: “I’ve been staying late at night after practice to make 100 3-pointers before I leave to go home.  Also, I’ve been really focusing on my shooting game-like shots during practice so it’s effortless in game.”

PHR: What has it been like stepping up this year even more while playing with some great talent around you?

Moss: “Honestly, it has been really fun and challenging.  Each year since I’ve been a freshman on varsity my role has changed significantly.  My role becomes more and more important to the team, so to see how I step up more each year is a big challenge I must take.”

PHR: How has your role changed this year from others?

Moss: “In the years past, I was to significantly start in my role which was to shoot and defend.  This year, with me being an upperclassman, my role significantly changed to my team needing me to score, defend, make plays, rebound, and being a team leader.”

PHR: On the other hand, how has your recruitment been going for you?

Moss: “My recruitment has picked up tremendously since the end of my sophomore year.  I currently have five offers.  I have heard from 30+ mid-major and high-major schools.  In the past months, I took unofficial visits to Clemson, Tennessee, and Wake Forest.”

PHR: What are the schools that have offered so far? And what have they been saying to you?

Moss: “Buffalo, Houston Baptist, Rider, Samford, and Alcorn State.  These schools have been saying that they are huge fans of my game.  They really love how I respect the game and they love my shooting form and the way I shoot the ball with such confidence.”

PHR: Have you taken any visits to those schools that have offered?

Moss: “No”

PHR: Anything stand out about those schools specifically right now?

Moss: “Each school chats with me most days out of the week, just to see how I am and how the basketball season is and they would send me stats of their season and basketball highlights of their team.”

PHR: You mentioned several other schools showing interest.  Which schools have been expressing strong interest your way?

Moss: “Charlotte, Middle Tennessee, Loyola-Chicago, Elon, Charleston, Wake Forest, Appalachian State, Liberty, UMBC, Florida Atlantic, NC Central, Radford, Harvard, Yale, Belmont, UAB, Western Carolina, Davidson, Clemson, Georgia State, UNCG, and Maryland.”

PHR: You said you made a few unofficial visits before.  What did you like about each of those schools?

Moss: “At Clemson, as soon as you step foot on their campus, everyone welcomed you like family and the environment made me feel like I belonged there.  I loved their basketball facility, weight room, and their student athlete center.

At Tennessee, I loved how everyone strongly stood proud in their school and cheered everyone on.  As far as basketball, I loved the equipment they used to get better and I like the diet they put in their players.

At Wake Forest, I loved how the weight room, basketball gym, and dining hall was all close together so players didn’t have to travel far.  I really liked how the weight room focused directly on basketball training that will impact the team’s movement on the court.”