Branching out and getting back to the national stage, Phenom Hoops recently spoke with one of the top prospects in the state of Florida in 2021 small forward Alex Fudge. 

Fudge has been a key figure for Lee HS in Florida, helping secure a 12-1 record and averaging a double-double this season early on (15.2 points, 10.1 rebounds).  College coaches are flocking his way and now with double-digit offers the table, Fudge broke down the latest around his recruitment and which big names are expressing strong interest his way.

Check it all out in our latest PHR Recruit 1-on-1.

PHR: Sitting at 12-1 this season so far, how has the season been for you at Lee HS and what has been your focus?

Fudge: “The season has been great.  Me and the team are 12-1 and my focus is to get better day by day and work towards getting a state championship.”

PHR: What has been your mindset with your game specifically?

Fudge: “I’m trying to develop a more effective outside shot.  Being able to perfect the 1-2 pull-up, mid-range shot.  And to say solid on defense.”

PHR: Your recruitment has been picking up lately.  What are your thoughts on some of your most recent offers?


Clemson: “Clemson is a very special team.  They have talent and their young class is developing well.  I believe I could fit in as a versatile player for them.”

Texas A&M: “Although I haven’t seen Texas A&M play, I believe from their film their ability to attack is where I could also fit in.  I have the ability to finish above the rim and from what I’ve seen, they do that well.  Texas A&M believes I can come in and impact right away with my athleticism and size.”

Southern Cal: “USC is kind of like a place that I feel would be nice.  My mom signed there and loved it, so I’d have to see for myself.  I’m scheduling an official visit soon and just from watching them, I love their inside play.  The guards even touch the paint as well!  The coaches love the fact that I’m a 6’8 wing that can play almost every position as well as defend every position.”

PHR: In general, what has the coaching staff been saying they like about your game and how they would like to use you?

Fudge: “They like how I can play the 1-5 positions.  I’m long, athletic, and can play above the rim.  I also clean up any missed shots or lay-ups.  They can use me from the 3-5 positions they usually say because I’m still growing.”

PHR: What offers do you currently hold right now?

Fudge: “USF, Wake Forest, UCF, South Cal, North Florida, Stetson, Louisiana-Lafayette, TCU, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, Georgia Tech, Texas A&M, and Clemson.”

PHR: Have you been able to make any visits to those schools?

Fudge: “Unofficial to USF, Louisiana-Lafayette, North Florida, and Clemson.”

PHR: What did you like or learn about each program from those visits?

Fudge: “Academic wise, they are there to help and push you to be the best in the classroom.  As well as the coaches do to help you be the best on the court.”

PHR: Do you know what you are looking for in a program as of yet? Anything specific with the staff, on the court, or with a school in general?

Fudge: “I’m looking for a great fit.  A staff that I can bond with as well as teammates.  I also look into the recruiting class and the strengthening in areas.  Also, academics is big for me.  I will already have two years of college done come graduation day, so I’m looking forward to also furthering my education as well.”

PHR: What other schools have been expressing interest that has yet to offer?

Fudge: “Kansas, Virginia Tech, Pittsburgh, Florida State, Notre Dame, Texas, and Xavier.”

PHR: What have those schools been saying to you? Any mention of a potential offer coming?

Fudge: “The head coach from Texas, Coach Smart, reached out to me and Kansas plans on coming back down.  Virginia Tech and I continuously stay in touch.  All of them have been saying that they love my game and want me to be a part of their program.”

PHR: What relationship have you been able to develop with the schools showing interest?

Fudge: “Virginia Tech and I probably are developing the best relationship right now.  It’s day-to-day, they are checking up on me.  Kansas, they like my play.  The fact that they are coming back down gives me the impression that I must be a target for them.  Me and Coach Smart from Texas, I could say are now starting to build a solid relationship now that he has reached out.”

PHR: Do you have any upcoming visits planned or want to visit?

Fudge: “I’m going to schedule a couple of officials to Iowa State and USC.  Unofficially visit Wake Forest soon and I’m working on probably visiting Georgia Tech on February 29.  But that is all in though as of right now.”

PHR: Do you know when you might want to commit or narrow down your schools?

Fudge: “Probably after my AAU season, I will narrow down my schools.”