The evaluation process in basketball tends to differ from one person to the next, and that’s perfectly fine. Most folks have their own individual preferences in what they want from players, whether defense, shooting, athleticism, or something completely different. Regardless, identifying a scholarship-worthy prospect really shouldn’t be too difficult of a task for anyone who closely follows grassroots basketball. So, after three consecutive seasons of being an impressive, productive player and collecting interest from various programs (namely VMI, Citadel, Navy, Elon, and Catawba), why doesn’t Dawson McAlhany already hold multiple offers?

Fortunately, the question was rhetorical—as there is currently no logical explanation for his lack of scholarship opportunities. Given all the madness over the last fourteen months, Covid especially hurt guys like McAlhany. He’s simply the type of player that seems to resonate and excite folks much more through an in-person viewing. Sure, McAlhany is a quality athlete and bouncy leaper, but his overall identity expands far beyond his ability to meet opponents at the rim. His general desire to improve and address any possible deficiencies within his skillset has been evident over the last few years. For example, McAlhany used to be very skinny, so he put in legitimate work to add strength and developed his frame. Although his production continued to shine and leadership qualities began to emerge, he still found attributes worth progressing. After getting stronger, McAlhany placed clear emphasis on becoming a more reliable three-point shooter. Though folks were already on notice because of his athleticism and advanced abilities at a young age, the addition of an efficient stroke from beyond the arc would ultimately make him an all-around force. 

Nonetheless, there’s not really anything else for the Villains’ leader to address or necessarily develop. Between his consistency and sheer production, he’s showcased the makings of a fairly complete game. McAlhany is more interested in being an unselfish focal point and actively looking to get others involved rather than chasing high scoring totals for personal gain. He’s also shown abilities as a defender and rebounder while maintaining his smooth, well-rounded offensive approach. Given the amount of schools eyeing McAlhany, one should expect offers to come piling in sooner than later.