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RANKINGS REPORT Standouts Part 2 from Summer Havoc (Day 1)

2021 6’7 Earl Burgess (Team 864) is long, strong and tough enough to impact the game on both ends inside, yet skilled enough to make the right plays as a wing with his timely and smart decisions. Consistent shooter and rebounder, who finishes inside with finesse or authority. 2021 6’6 Ben Burnham (Team CLT) is so highly skilled, with big energy and must have a basketball radar because he’s...

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RANKINGS REPORT Early Standouts from Summer Havoc (Day 1)

Luke Bracey 2021 5’10” Jalen Hinton (Charlotte Nets) is a really shifty & explosive point guard from Independence High School. He’s a clutch shot maker that wants to change the game in key moments. He knows how to draw contact & get to the foul line. Good  decision maker and play maker.  2022 6’2” Sam Cogan (Team Together) always finds away to get the ball in the basket....

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