The Queen City Showcase in Rock Hill this weekend is going to be off the charts.  With talent all on the floor, livestreams streaming the games, and a ton of coverage from Phenom Hoops, this is going to be one of the best events to start the travel ball season.

That is why we wanted to get a leg up on it, as we spoke to several coaches that will be bringing their teams to South Carolina this weekend.  Below, we look at a few players that you may want to check out on the court, whether you are a college coach, a scout, or a fan.

Check out a few names below for each team.

Team: Chattanooga Elite 17u Grey

DeLeon Petty – 2022/ 5’11
Coach’s Thoughts: DaeDae can score from all 3 levels and rebounds pretty well and is a willing defender.

Timothy Vaughn – 2022/ 6’5
Coach’s Thoughts: Timmy is an explosive offensive player that has a very high upside. He is a great rebounder.

Elijah Pegues – 2022 6’5
Coach’s Thoughts: Eli is a 3 level scorer that rebounds at a high clip.

Nick Smith – 2023/ 6’1
Coach’s Thoughts: Nick has a very high basketball IQ and is a nice passer and a lefty.

DJ Brown – 2023/ 6’2
Coach’s Thoughts: DJ is a long, lanky scorer that has a pretty good 3 ball.