The Queen City Showcase in Rock Hill this weekend is going to be off the charts.  With talent all on the floor, livestreams streaming the games, and a ton of coverage from Phenom Hoops, this is going to be one of the best events to start the travel ball season.

That is why we wanted to get a leg up on it, as we spoke to several coaches that will be bringing their teams to South Carolina this weekend.  Below, we look at a few players that you may want to check out on the court, whether you are a college coach, a scout, or a fan.

Check out a few names below for each team.

Team: Anthony Morrow Elite

Jaylen Curry – 2023/6’2
Coaches Thoughts: Probably the fastest in the state regardless of class with the ball in his hands and best passer regardless of class. USA camp invitee. Mike Conley-like with the flair of Brandon Jennings

Umar Lawson – 2022/6’3
Coaches Thoughts: Uber athletic with the ability to finish at the rim with either hand. Nice mid-range and can step out with range out to 3.

Dj Cuttino – 2022/6’0
Coaches Thoughts: A guard who can score in bunches, great on the ball defender, does things to help the team win.

Judd Coan – 2022/6’7
Coaches Thoughts: 6’7 wing, elite shooter with the ability to put it on the floor and bring the ball up. He can also rebound and has sneaky athleticism.

Kelvin Perry – 2021/ 6’3
Coaches Thoughts: 6’3 guard, 3 and D guard with the ability to put it on the floor and finish at the rim. Such a passionate player and winner.

Corey Gaines – 2022/5’9
Coaches Thoughts: A good facilitator and good on the ball defender. He knows how to run a team and was an All-Conference selection.