It was Championship Sunday and that only means that teams were going to go home with some hardware. It had been a tremendous event and the players and coaches really came out to compete, but only a few teams could go home with a trophy.

Ending the day in style, we had multiple teams competing for a championship. This time around, the Carolina Bad Boyz and EA Prep Adidas 16u battled it out in this one. It was a high-scoring affair and both teams were going back and forth offensively. Zandae Butler continued his stellar weekend for Bad Boyz, really being effective scoring inside the arc, while it was the play of 2023 Isaiah Sanders who scored from inside and out for EA Prep. In the end, it was the Bad Boyz that just made enough plays to secure the title in teh 16u Blue Division.

Final: Carolina Bad Boyz 76 – EA Prep Team Adidas 16u 68

Top Scorers:
Bad Boyz:
Zandae Butler 20
Deuce Hudson 13
Dominick Jones 15

EA Prep:
Isaiah Sanders 24
Jaden Lyles 12
Jacoby Jackson 8