The Queen City Middle School Showcase brings a fantastic event to the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, giving families, friends, and fans a chance to see the next upcoming talent around the area.   

Every year, players and teams showcase their abilities in front of hundreds of fans and scouts with Phenom Hoops.  It is also a chance to learn early and gain national exposure at an early age, as highlights, social media posts, write-ups and photos will all be part of this great event. 

Phenom Hoop Report does believe in providing a great platform for teams, which is why we want to provide a little team preview heading into the event.  If you would like to still register for the event, please click here: Queen City Middle School Showcase

LKN1 2025

Coach: Chris Bruce

Here are players to watch for at the Queen City Middle School Showcase on February 23-24.

Jack Nelson (2025, Post, 5’10”)

Coaches Comments: Jack is a mobile big man with great footwork and fundamentals. He patrols the middle on defense, protecting the rim and crashes the boards well. He is probably our most improved players in 2019, coming back from an injury last spring and he’s elevated LKN1’s game with his presence, his poise and his will to win.

Ethan Morgan (2025, Guard, 5’ 6”)

Coaches Comments: Ethan is one of the leaders of our team. He’s a taller guard that handles the ball well against pressure defenses and distributes the ball deftly to open teammates. He’s also a very capable scorer from all three levels, but it’s his unselfish play that really sets him apart. His size and speed give his coaches lots of flexibility with where to play him on defense and he shifts seamlessly from backcourt to frontcourt assignments.

JoJo Bruce (2025, Guard, 5’ 0”)

Coaches Comments: Joseph is a guard with a good mixture of skill, speed and basketball IQ. His intelligence on floor and his ability to read the floor make him an asset on both sides of the ball. He’s a competent scorer, with great touch from all three levels, but particularly in the mid-range game. He’s one of our leaders on the floor and he has a non-stop motor, which his teammates feed off of.

Jay Morgan (2025, Wing, 5’ 7”) 

Coaches Comments: Jay is one of our glue guys. He does a little bit of everything, from scoring, to boxing out to diving on the floor for loose balls. He has a great nose for the ball, particularly on the offensive glass and he probably leads our team with creating jump ball situations, which is something we track. Jay’s length and ability to handle the ball also allows for him to play anywhere from the 2 to 4 position.

Jack Sullivan (2025, Post, 5’ 9”)

Coaches Comments: Jack was unequivocally our most improved player in 2018.  Jack has always had a non-stop motor, but he has put in the work over the past 12 months to improve his ball handling and scoring. It’s had a huge impact on our team as adding another scoring threat inside has really opened up the floor for his teammates.