The Queen City Middle School Showcase brings a fantastic event to the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, giving families, friends, and fans a chance to see the next upcoming talent around the area.   

Every year, players and teams showcase their abilities in front of hundreds of fans and scouts with Phenom Hoops.  It is also a chance to learn early and gain national exposure at an early age, as highlights, social media posts, write-ups and photos will all be part of this great event. 

Phenom Hoop Report does believe in providing a great platform for teams, which is why we want to provide a little team preview heading into the event.  If you would like to still register for the event, please click here: Queen City Middle School Showcase

Carolina Bad Boyz 14u 

Coach: Rodney Lesane 

Here are players to watch for at the Queen City Middle School Showcase on February 23-24. 

Dominick Jones (2023, 6’0) 

What has been said (SC Junior Phenom): Moving onto a player that was able to consistently control the action on both ends of the floor, Dominick Jones. He’s long, strong, and knows how to make constant plays without necessarily needing to score. That being said, Jones still gets downhill and penetrates whenever he desires, finishing a vast majority of his attempts inside the paint. He is an incredible two-way rebounder and often secured second-chance opportunities throughout the day. Jones was among the top all-around defenders on display and showed a willingness to defend the opponents best player whenever possible. Coach English on Jones: “Dominick is an excellent rebounder that ran the floor and finished well in transition. He has a great IQ, never forcing bad shots and always looking for open defenders. He’s a great on and off-ball defender with active hands and great discipline on that end of the floor. Dominick is always getting after loose balls and willing to do the dirty work.” Jones possesses a lot of two-way upside, yet he’s already productive, so opponents should start getting prepared for what’s to come. 

Darren Lloyd (2023, 5’4) 

What has been said (SC Junior Phenom): Continuing onto a player that really stood out with his impressive athleticism and overall approach to the game, Darren Lloyd. First and foremost, Lloyd was definitely the fastest end-to-end player in attendance, and it’s not up for debate. He was unstoppable in transition and could be found blowing by every opponent in his path. Lloyd is also very quick and able to create for himself within two or three dribbles, which was perfect for the three-dribble rule. His pull-up shot is nearly impossible to block, based on how quickly he rises up and releases. Lloyd forced a ton of turnovers and drew fouls throughout camp, making him one of the top two-way players on display. Next in his development process is continuing to sharpen his ball-skills, since he’s already such a terrific athlete. Coach Allen on Lloyd: “Darren is a kid whose name you will want to remember. He was a flame on the court, leaving opponents standing two steps behind when he attacked the rim. On defense, he suffocated his assignment and consistently won his matchup. Darren’s vision was sharp and he showed the ability to make strong passes in the half court and transition.” Lloyd turned heads with his two-way play and could have a breakout upcoming season, especially if he continues to build off this strong performance. 

Duece Hudson (2023, 5’6) 

What has been said (SC Junior Phenom): Next, we look at a player that was arguably the leader of this team, Deuce Hudson. He’s a guard with nice size and muscle definition. Hudson brought an excellent attitude and team-first approach to the game, exerting incredible effort on both sides of the ball. He shot the ball at an efficient clip from all three levels while consistently getting everyone involved. Next in his development process is getting quicker and becoming a more poised defender, as it would make him a more complete two-way prospect. Coach Brace on Hudson: “Deuce is a good leader on and off the court. He has nice court vision and can shoot off the dribble. Deuce can continue to work on his overall ball-handling and creation ability. He can penetrate, finish, and knows how to get the team motivated.” It was clear that Hudson displayed an abundance of leadership qualities while at camp, but also showcased a strong level of skill to build his foundation with.