The Queen City Middle School Showcase brings a fantastic event to the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, giving families, friends, and fans a chance to see the next upcoming talent around the area.   

Every year, players and teams showcase their abilities in front of hundreds of fans and scouts with Phenom Hoops.  It is also a chance to learn early and gain national exposure at an early age, as highlights, social media posts, write-ups, and photos will all be part of this great event. 

Phenom Hoop Report does believe in providing a great platform for teams, which is why we want to provide a little team preview heading into the event. 

TSB Elite 2023

Here are players to watch for at the Queen City Middle School Showcase on February 23-24.

Donevin Knight
Coaches Thoughts: A floor general with the ability to knock down perimeter shots. A very quick first step, which helps his defense as well as to draw and kick on offense.  Look for him to keep a nice pace.

Braden Collins
Coaches Thoughts: A scrappy defender with quick hands.  Has a well-rounded mid to long range shot ability.  Great court vision and high basketball IQ.  Love his hustle.

Evan Morton
Coaches Thoughts: A natural scorer that can play both guard positions as well as defend people much bigger. Good rebounder.  With his defensive improvements, he is invaluable to the team on both ends.

Delani Hammonds
Coaches Thoughts: A prolific scorer with a nice pull-up jump shot.  His footwork allows him to create space and get off shots quickly.  Very tight handles make him tough to guard.  His defense is improving as well.

Vaughn Thomas
Coaches Thoughts: Good size and length for a guard.  He can shoot the 3-pointer very well.  Long arms help defend the 3/4 positions when our lineup demands.

Jalen Toye-Ellis
Coaches Thoughts: A big part of the team, physical combo guard that can score inside and out. Doesn’t shy away from contact and loves pressure.  Defensively plays bigger and rebounds well.  Great upside.

Zion Walker
Coaches Thoughts: 
He is a dynamic offensive player and his motor is constant. Can and will play whatever position the game needs from guard to big guy.  Does it all on the floor.  Endless Potential.

Elijah Strong
Coaches Thoughts: A well-rounded big. Can take you in the post and drain the 3-pointer as well.  He helps to stretch the defense out and create driving lanes.  Blocks shots and rebounds well. Runs the floor extremely well for a big. His future is bright.

Ben King
Coaches Thoughts: A physical big that draws the foul and gets to the free throw line.  Great tough rebounder and boxes out well.