Every year, we can start creating and adding names to our watch list at Phenom Hoops.  One name that has been added to the 2024 watch list for Phenom Hoops 6’6 Richard Goods from Ben L. Smith high school and who recently played with Carolina Clutch.

We recently got our first glimpse of his game at the Phenom Challenge and he quickly grabbed our attention with his play.  Posting double-double type outings, Goods displayed good hands, physicality down in the paint, strong on the boards, and runs the floor well for his size.  But you can also see that he is only scratching the surface of his game. After the event, he was one of our standouts from the event, where we had this to say:

“Already standing at 6’6 and built like a football player, Goods does an excellent job in several areas of the court.  He runs the floor well and gets to his spot down in the paint, while also displaying really nice touch and feel around the basket.  And you can’t deny the hustle and rebounding ability he provides, as he consistently was getting second-chance opportunities throughout the entire event.  He is a new name to watch but we think he is going to be a name many will soon know in North Carolina for the 2024 class.”

Goods has only started his story but he has certainly caught the eyes of our scouts at Phenom Hoops and he should become a bigger name in the 2024 class of North Carolina as he continues to develop.

What Has Been Said:

“Eaerly on, Richard displayed a ton of confidence and toughness. His ability to rebound the ball at a high level as a freshman was impressive. He showed that he could make mid-range shots out to the 3-ball. His strengths are rim-running, finishing out of pick and rolls or pops, and rebounding at a high level. He is developing really quickly, learing to put the ball on the floor and is becoming a better decision-maker with the ball. he is a surprisingly good passer as well. He excels in guarding 3-5, has a soft touch on his shot and finishing around the rim.” – Coach Partee from Ben L. Smith

“Goods has a lot of potential.  He works hard and enjoys being in the gym.  He’s working on his footwork, ball-handling, and just working to be an overall good player.  He does what it takes in the classroom to reach his goals.  His game has grown a lot since meeting him in the 7th grade.  He has a great personality and a good family.  Richard is a fantastic teammate and loves winning.  Still has plenty of work to put in but he has the right attitude about what it takes to reach his goals.  Richard has a smooth mid-range jump shot, runs the floor, dunks with force, blocks shots without fouling, rebounds very well, and makes his foul shots.” – Coach Taurean Murry with Carolina Clutch